Which NFL teams have the hardest, easiest schedules for 2023?

Which NFL teams have the hardest, easiest schedules for 2023? originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Football fans are just hours away from finding out the full NFL schedule for 2023, but some teams already have a tougher 17-game slate than others.

The NFL schedule is formatted in a way that let teams know their 2023 opponents when the 2022 regular season ended. On top of usual divisional rivalries and other rotation aspects featured in the annual schedule, there is one factor that generally hurts contenders while exciting fans.

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Results from the prior season have an impact on the next season’s schedule. Three games on each team’s schedule are based solely on where it placed within its division, giving contenders tougher, more exciting matchups and division dwellers some easier ones.

With all of those factors in mind and the full 2023 schedule coming Thursday night, let’s look at the teams with the hardest and easiest slates this season.

Which team has the hardest schedule in 2023?

The Philadelphia Eagles’ road back to the Super Bowl will feature some stiff competition.

The reigning NFC champions have the toughest schedule for 2023 based on their opponents’ record from the 2022 season.


Six of their games come against their NFC East foes – all of whom finished .500 or above. They will also play the full NFC West and AFC East. For the cherry on top, the Eagles’ remaining games are against three division winners from 2022 in the Minnesota Vikings, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs.

Which team has the easiest schedule in 2023?

By contrast, the Atlanta Falcons are in prime position to rebound in 2023.

The team is scheduled to play just four games against teams that made the playoffs last season, and two of them are against a Bucs squad that lost Tom Brady this offseason.


Atlanta will play each of its NFC South foes twice, the full NFC North and the full AFC South. Its other three matchups are against the Washington Commanders, Arizona Cardinals and New York Jets.

NFL strength of schedule 2023

Here is the full ranking of 2023 strength of schedule based on opponents’ win percentage from 2022:

1. Philadelphia Eagles: .566

2. Miami Dolphins: .554

T-3. New England Patriots: .549

T-3. Dallas Cowboys: .549 

T-3. New York Giants: .549

6. New York Jets: .545

7. Buffalo Bills: .542

8. Washington Commanders: .535

9. Los Angeles Rams: .533

10. Las Vegas Raiders: .524

11. Arizona Cardinals: .519 


T-12. Los Angeles Chargers: .517

T-12. Denver Broncos: .517 

T-12. Seattle Seahawks: .517

15: San Francisco 49ers: .514

16. Kansas City Chiefs: .512

17. Cincinnati Bengals: .510

T-18. Chicago Bears: .497 

T-18. Minnesota Vikings: .497

20. Detroit Lions: .495 

21. Baltimore Ravens: .484 

22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: .483

23. Jacksonville Jaguars: .477

24. Green Bay Packers: .476

25. Pittsburgh Steelers: .470

26. Cleveland Browns: .460

27. Carolina Panthers: .453 

28. Tennessee Titans: .448

29. Indianapolis Colts: .434

30. Houston Texans: .431

31. New Orleans Saints: .427 

32. Atlanta Falcons: .417