NFL analyst claims QB Russell Wilson too ‘soft’ to play with Steelers

One veteran quarterback whose name is picking up steam when it comes to the Pittsburgh Steelers is Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson. The Steelers are set only to have Kenny Pickett on the roster once free agency begins and the debate rages on between a veteran or a rookie to compete with Pickett.

Former NFL player LaVarr Arrington shared his two cents about Wilson as a Steeler on Fox Sports and called Wilson “soft” and said Wilson’s personality isn’t conducive to the “Pittsburgh way.”

The funny part about this is, that no one even knows what the Pittsburgh way is anymore and if any of the players or coaches on the team exhibit what Arrington is talking about. Not to mention, if Arrington is referring to the tough, physical nature of the Steelers teams of the past, does he think Pickett fits that mold better than Wilson? The Steelers have been a team in transition for a long time.

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire