GameDay sign-holder generates thousands of Venmo payments ... for beer

Nick Bromberg
Dr. Saturday
Fans at College GameDay at Bristol Motor Speedway (Getty).
Fans at College GameDay at Bristol Motor Speedway (Getty).

If you want to make some quick cash (and get a company some publicity), find a prominent spot in the audience on College GameDay and put a way to receive payments on a sign visible to cameras.

At least that’s the lesson we learned Saturday via the ESPN pregame show. A Venmo user named SamC227C (or Sam Crowder in real life), made a request for beer money via a sign at Bristol Motor Speedway:

The money came rolling in. Venmo tweeted Saturday afternoon that Crowder had gotten over 2,000 donations. If everyone donated $1, that’s at least $2,000.

But we know he got more than $1 donations. Venmo itself paid $50, likely because the site was loving the publicity it was receiving from the enterprising user. The Twitter account linked below was created not long after the sign popped up on GameDay.

The American dream is alive and well, eh? Maybe we’re showing our age, but we’d recommend not spending all of the cash on beer. Throw some of it in a savings account, Sam.

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