Undercover Investigation at a Burger King Turns Up 5 Grams of Marijuana and 2 Morphine Pills

After two months of undercover work posing as Burger King employee at a location suspected to be the site of drug dealing, Officer Nicole Fair made her bust: five grams of marijuana, two morphine pills, and two arrests.

Fair charged Tommy Lee Miller, 23, and Jonathan Brook Moser, 28, with distribution and possession with the intent to distribute.

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After coming to the force in July, Fair was asked to go undercover, as she wasn’t yet well-known in Thurmont, Maryland, The Frederick News-Post reported.

“It is less common, because we live in a small, tight-knit community where people know one another,” Chief Greg Eyler said on the prevalence of undercover investigations in Thurmont. In this case, Eyler was able to use Fair’s new face to his advantage for the “covert operation.”

Some locals were less than impressed with Fair’s work and took to social media to voice their opinions. One person tweeted, “What an insane waste of taxpayer dollars. This police department should just be disbanded.”

Fair responded: “I was hired to help and protect the community of Thurmont, and that was what I was doing. You hear about all the drug problems we’re having here and elsewhere and, whether it’s marijuana or something else, we’re really feeling the effects of it. To be able to do something to directly address that, especially being a new officer, was extremely rewarding.”