The Ultimate Locker Room Speech

You’ve been waiting all season for this game and this moment, the Super Bowl is just hours away. What better way to get ready for the game than to binge on some of the best pump up speeches in sports movie history. Sure you could spend the hours leading up to the game watching classic sports movies like Any Given Sunday or Rudy to get amped up, but that would take all day. Besides there are far too many great sports movies to pick just one. Luckily we here at Yahoo Sports have saved you the trouble of having to pick by combining the best sports speeches in the history of cinema into The Greatest Locker Room Speech of all-time. Watch Super Bowl Champion Tony Siragusa fire up the locker rooms of your favorite films like Hoosiers and Friday Night Lights in one incredible speech. After watching this speech you will not only will be ready to watch the Super Bowl, you’ll be ready to play in it.