Pierre McGuire slams refs for non-call in Bruins vs. Senators OT (Video)

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NBC Sports NHL analyst Pierre McGuire is known for many things. Like his encyclopedic knowledge of player origins. Like his admiration for players named Sidney Crosby. Like his camaraderie with players who he hopes have fun out there.

What he’s not exactly known for: Scathing hot takes on the quality of officiating. And yet here we are, after Game 3 between the Ottawa Senators and the Boston Bruins, with Pierre spitting truth about a non-call against the Senators’ Bobby Ryan while Riley Nash was given a critical minor for roughing.

Ryan scored the game-winning goal one minute and 15 seconds later, and the 4-3 win gave Ottawa a 2-1 series lead.

Here’s Pierre on CNBC:

Here’s the full sequence:

For the video impaired, here’s Pierre McGuire:

“That’s got to be matching minors. Honestly – if you’re going to set the standard, you’ve got to call it the right way. I have no skin in this game at all. But if you’re going to set a standard, you’ve got to call it both ways. That’s a hit to the head (by Ryan). That’s got to be called. If you’re going to call the next one, then call it. That is not well done at all. That’s a big break for Ottawa.”

(The referees in this game were our old friend Tim Peel and Eric Furlatt, who can match Peel horrible call for horrible call. Furlatt was the ref closest to the play, and we assume he’s the one who didn’t whistle Ryan.)

Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy called the non-call “demoralizing and disappointing,” for the Bruins. “There’s probably a lot more words, but they called it. Once they call it, it’s out job to kill it,” he said.

Nash, meanwhile, said “it was pretty selfish of me” to take the penalty against Ryan. “Can’t put the refs in that position, regardless of what happens before that,” he said.

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