Phil Knight and Nike have 'an interest' in Lonzo Ball but $1 billion is 'a little steep'

UCLA guard Lonzo Ball is not the only one that doesn’t take issue with his father’s slightly (and sometimes blatantly) outrageous comments. Over the weekend, Phil Knight, co-founder of Nike, told USA Today that LaVar hasn’t deterred him from having an interest in the eldest Ball son.

More than that, Knight has no problem with LaVar’s request for $1 billion up front. But, he said LaVar probably won’t be seeing that money from Nike.

“If he can get it, he can get it,” Knight told USA Today. “[$1 billion] is a little steep. He’s an awfully great player. Yeah, we have an interest.”

UCLA was eliminated from the Sweet 16, falling to Kentucky 86-74, on March 24.

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