Paul Pierce showed up to the Clippers game in a Rick James costume

NBA players often make a pretty big deal of their Halloween costumes on social media. LeBron James’s annual party always draws attention to the Cleveland Cavaliers’ get-ups, and plenty of others like to show off, as well.

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As far as we know, though, no player has made their costume a part of a real NBA game. That changed on Monday night, when injured Los Angeles Clippers wing Paul Pierce showed up to Staples Center as Rick James:

As far as we can tell, James Pierce has not spent any time on the Clippers bench during the actual game. The terms of the NBA’s 11-year-old dress code would seem to prohibit a player from showing up in costume — not that the league cares much about those rules these days — but maybe the fur vest counts as a sort of sportcoat.

We hope that Pierce’s move becomes more popular next October 31. Just imagine an entire game of players dressed like Steven Adams.

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