MLB Power Rankings: Yankees move into top 10; Giants stumble

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March comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb. April, though, comes in like a Cub and goes out like a National.

The rankings (records through Wednesday’s games):

1. Washington Nationals (15-6; Previous: 5): Nats really focused on their first 100 wins.

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2. Houston Astros (14-7; Previous: 8): Beltran turns 40, targets seventh-inning stretch for a good nap.

3. Baltimore Orioles (14-6; Previous: 10): Unwritten Code of Hammurabi: a head for a knee.

4. Chicago Cubs (12-9; Previous: 1): Cubs hand out rings with pre-nuptial agreements. Employees immediately consider gym membership and Botox.

5. Boston Red Sox (11-9; Previous: 2): The season doesn’t really start until Mookie Betts strikes out.

6. Colorado Rockies (14-8; Previous: 14): Bud Black takes over Coors Field ticket window (really), accidentally sells owner’s suite to a Brownie troop and three guys who got lost backpacking the Colorado Trail.

The New York Yankees jumped 13 spots in the Power Rankings. (Getty Images)
The New York Yankees jumped 13 spots in the Power Rankings. (Getty Images)

7. New York Yankees (12-7; Previous: 20): Every time Yankees lose to a lefty, Bill O’Reilly shakes his fist at heavens.

8. Cleveland Indians (11-9; Previous: 3): It will be said Francisco Lindor turning down $100 million amounts to “betting on himself.” Pete Rose now totally exasperated.

9. Arizona Diamondbacks (14-9; Previous: 19): Lovullo says upstart D’backs “feeding off each other.” Makes Lamb a little nervous.

10. Los Angeles Dodgers (10-12; Previous: 4): One look at ERA and Dodgers wonder if wrong Romo retired.

11. New York Mets (8-12; Previous: 6): While it seems everyone on club is beat up and achy, Syndergaard is just kind of Thor.

12. Texas Rangers (10-12; Previous: 12): If Cowboys run out of ideas in later rounds, Rangers suggest a nice power arm they could borrow from time to time.

13. Detroit Tigers (11-9; Previous: 9): Seriously, at this point you’d think they would’ve found a bullpen under the sofa cushions or something.

14. Tampa Bay Rays (11-12; Previous: 13): Through three weeks, Rays lead AL in runs. Yes, baseball runs.

15. St. Louis Cardinals (9-11; Previous: 16): Cards right ship, head toward Heyward side of the isle.

16. Miami Marlins (10-9; Previous: 22): I made a competitive bid on the Marlins and all I got was this lousy gift basket.

17. Cincinnati Reds (10-12; Previous: 23): Reds hilariously troll in-stadium Cubs fans. Fun for Reds fans to laugh at something else.

18. Pittsburgh Pirates (9-12; Previous: 15): With the end of the Marte par-tay, Pirates look into Glasnow luau.

Milwaukee, led by Eric Thames, has hit a ton of home runs so far in 2017. (Getty Images)
Milwaukee, led by Eric Thames, has hit a ton of home runs so far in 2017. (Getty Images)

19. Milwaukee Brewers (12-11; Previous: 29): Brewers hit a ton of home runs. Meantime, Cubs appear to have developed a tic when talking about them.

20. Seattle Mariners (9-13; Previous: 17): If you believe exit velo numbers, Motter hits it farther.

21. Chicago White Sox (11-9; Previous: 27): White Sox still sorting out who they’re going to be. Thinking fireman or astronaut would be cool.

22. San Francisco Giants (8-14; Previous: 7): Sometimes you hit for the cycle. Sometimes the cycle hits back.

23. Toronto Blue Jays (6-14; Previous: 11): Blue Jays so bad they’re a little nervous about declaring record on way back through customs.

24. Oakland Athletics (10-11; Previous: 24): Adam Rosales breaks own record for fastest home run trot, doing his pace-of-play part to bring back the real intentional walk.

25. Los Angeles Angels (11-12; Previous: 18): On give-away night, club sets record for most capes worn in one place. Trout brought his own.

26. Philadelphia Phillies (10-9; Previous: 25): The first playoff odds are out. Of similar importance in Philly, so is the weather report in Micronesia.

27. Minnesota Twins (10-11; Previous: 26): Twins mumbling to themselves: “Please don’t be this year’s White Sox, please don’t be this year’s White Sox, please don’t be …”

28. Kansas City Royals (7-14; Previous: 21): Royals just now getting used to being figureheads.

29. San Diego Padres (9-14; Previous: 28): Have to admit it’s weird to have better record than teams that are trying to win.

30. Atlanta Braves (7-12; Previous: 30): Original MLB constitution is up for auction and is particularly valuable despite faded Bartolo Colon signature.

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