Man hides in Saban's bathroom to propose to girlfriend

Since the dawn of time, young ladies have grown up dreaming of the day when their Prince Charming would propose and then they would live happily ever after. While not every girl has the same scenario in mind, I would say roughly 80 percent of those fantasies involve Prince Charming hiding in the bathroom in Nick Saban's office before surprising her and dropping down on one knee.

Alabama native Kayla Posey is living that dream.

Her boyfriend, Drew Clayton, surprised her with a proposal in Saban's office. Posey attended grad school at Alabama and had been working in the Alabama football office for years, so Clayton -- a Mississippi State alum -- used Posey's friends and co-workers to help set the plan into motion.

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Posey's co-workers helped orchestrate everything, including sending her to lunch the day of the proposal so Clayton could set up in Saban's office (unfortunately, he was out of town).

He swapped out the 2012 BCS National Championship ring on Saban's coffee table with Kayla's custom-made diamond and then retreated to the only place in the office where a man could reasonably hide.

Nick Saban's private bathroom.

"For 30 minutes, my stomach is churning and I'm waiting on Kayla to get back," he said. "It was a very well-kept bathroom, as we would expect from such a perfect coach."

Yes, they always say that the first sign of a good football coach is a well-kept bathroom. A coach that keeps the toilet paper roll off the dispenser, or has it on the dispenser to be pulled from the bottom up, is a coach that gets fired.

Anyway, Posey says that when she returned from lunch she was told that there was a special guest coming to the office and that the championship rings in Saban's office needed to be polished. While there, she discovered the ring Clayton left for her, and he emerged from the bathroom, dropped to one knee and proposed.


Of course, if you don't believe any of this to be true, Posey's co-workers set up a hidden camera to record the entire thing.

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