Les Miles: LSU players who do 'Lambeau Leap' will need a ride home

Nick Bromberg
Dr. Saturday
Les Miles may be returning to Baton Rouge without his whole team. (Getty Images)
Les Miles may be returning to Baton Rouge without his whole team. (Getty Images)

Les Miles will have no tolerance for any of his players doing the Lambeau Leap after a touchdown vs. Wisconsin on Saturday.

The Tigers and Badgers are playing at the Packers home stadium and, according to the Advocate, a few of LSU’s players have said they’ll be making the jump in honor of the Packers if they score a touchdown.

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Miles said no way.

“I promise you that if anybody jumps (for) the Lambeau Leap, they’ll end up with their thumb out to see if they can get a ride home,” Miles said on the Southeastern Conference teleconference on Wednesday morning.

No, Miles isn’t suddenly against his players having fun. He just doesn’t want to deal with a 15-yard penalty. NCAA rules prohibit players from jumping into the stands. If they do, a personal foul penalty is assessed. Miles doesn’t want to have to kick off from the 20-yard-line or force his kicker into a 35-yard extra point.

The point about the penalty has clearly been made to LSU’s players too. Wide receiver Malachi Dupre said Monday he wasn’t going to risk it.

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“This game, no, but maybe in the future,” Dupre said, referencing an NFL touchdown. “Right now it would be a 15-yard penalty and I can’t cost the team.”

Cornerback and punt returner Tre’Davious White is one of those prepared to deal with the consequences of jumping into the stands if he scored a touchdown.

“I’m pretty much just open to whatever punishment that’s going to come my way Monday,” White said via the Advocate.

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When Dupre was informed of White’s potential rebellion, he refused to join him.

“For Lambeau leaping? That comes with seniority. I’m not going to try that right now, I’m a junior,” Dupre said.

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