Grammy-winning guitarist 'proud' to be Nick Saban's doppelganger

Dr. Saturday
Nick Saban, bathing in the catcalls of his haters. (Getty)
Nick Saban, bathing in the catcalls of his haters. (Getty)

Remember that video from years ago that showed a guitar player who looks eerily similar to Nick Saban?

If not, here’s a refresher:

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That video is a snippet of a longer performance from a John Tesh concert, where Tesh and his band recreate “Roundball Rock,” a composition Tesh created and made famous as the “NBA on NBC” theme song.

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Well around the 2:38 mark of that clip comes a back-and-forth between Tesh’s violin player and guitar player. The guitar player, a man named Wayne Johnson, looks just like the longtime Crimson Tide head coach, just with better hair (sorry, Nick).

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All of these years later,’s John Talty was able to track down Johnson, who won a Grammy Award in 2004 for best pop instrumental album, to ask him how he feels about his resemblance to one of the best college football coaches of all-time. To put it simply: he loves it.


To Johnson’s credit, he’s taken the comparison well. The first time he watched the video he admitted it was hilarious.

“I was proud of it when I saw that,” he says. “I thought this is so cool. Nick Saban, in the college football world, is like a god.”

The clip that turned into a fun college football internet phenomenon is from the mid-’90s, so Johnson looks a bit different now. Still, the resemblance to Saban is uncanny.

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And like the rest of us, Johnson wonders if Saban has ever seen the clip. From

He wonders whether Saban has ever seen the clip and would love to somehow meet him because of it. It makes him laugh even thinking Saban might know who he is based on a “silly little video.” When he’s not touring or giving guitar tutorials, he sometimes watches Saban press conferences hoping to get his answer.

“I keep thinking in one of these little reporting sessions someone is going to say, ‘Nick, is it true?'” he says. “That’d be funny.”

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