From D.C. To L.A. Thoughts On New Rams HC Sean McVay

Sean McVay Head Coach, Los Angeles Rams
Sean McVay Head Coach, Los Angeles Rams

Washington Redskins writer for Cover32, Leonard Kirby weighs in on new Rams head coach Sean McVay. He also solicited the thoughts of those “in the know in Washington” on their former OC.

So, as the Washington Redskins bid farewell to Offensive Coordinator Sean McVay and are happy for him being chosen as the new head coach for the Los Angeles Rams, here are some opinions from three Washington Redskins fans who are true, loyal, and informed.

Denise, aka @MrsCKirk12, sports radio personality in Washington D.C. said this about McVay:

“The Rams are looking to go in a new direction by hiring the youngest Head Coach in NFL history (30 years young). McVay brings a fresh perspective and is a player’s coach. He’s smart enough to realize he needs experience around him, which is why he’s made it known that he wants Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips. While McVay’s play calling is still a bit suspect, he will make adjustments during this on-the-job-training experience with the Rams.”

Tee Brooks, aka @teebrooks75, famous sports radio personality as well as former co-host of The Sports Hawks offered this:

“I think Sean McVay can be successful if he is given time, Los Angeles has to be patient with him and give him plenty of resources to work with. His offense can ground and pound with Todd Gurley,must stick with the run (McVay had a habit of getting away from the run. The Rams have Wade Phillips, a big help on defense and experience. So Sean McVay a good choice as long as they practice patience.”


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Cover32’s own @leonardkirby wrote this:

My opinion is Sean McVay is highly intelligent and creative. He helped make our Washington Redskins a potentially explosive offensive.

My knock on him would be that between the 30’s, his play-calling was great. We usually moved the ball down the field to or close to the Red-Zone, but then our offense would misfire, get motion penalties, throw when we should have run the ball and became predictable. We’d come away with field-goals instead of touchdowns, which cost us several games in 2015 and 2016.

Sean McVay is given alot of credit for the development of quarterback Kirk Cousins who has become a Top 8 quarterback in my book. However Matt Cavanaugh, quarterbacks coach, deserves more credit along with Kirk himself for his hard work, and practice, film study of defenses, learning from the best quarterbacks and going to QB camps in the off-season. Cousins is of high moral character, humble, hard worker, focused, and competitive. He’s a quick study and coachable. Sean is also blessed to have Wade Phillips as his defensive coordinator who has experience as a head coach and can mentor McVay.

IF Rams General Manager Les Snead and COO Kevin Demoff have the salary cap and expertise in a limited 2017 NFL Draft, get some good free agents like DeSean Jackson who all defenses have to game plan against because of his deep threat presence on the field, 2017 can have a radically different look to 2016.

Also, if Sean McVay is able to get the players to learn his system and language and IF the players work hard to learn the playbook and IF McVay can “coach up” quarterback Jared Goff, the Rams may have winning seasons under Sean McVay. If I had been the Rams organization, I would have gone after more experience like Bill Callahan, who lead the Raiders to the Super Bowl and has experience building great offensive line’s.

But, Sean may prove me wrong and be great. Time will tell, but in the meantime, the best thing the L.A. Rams fans can do is support their team and be patient, Rome was not built in a day.

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