Boston Marathon runners in need of pick-me-up get it from Super Bowl-inspired sign

Super Bowl LI. (AP)
Super Bowl LI. (AP)

In case your sports fandom doesn’t include things like marathons, you might not know that the Boston Marathon was held on Monday. You can read about the winners here.

Running a 26.2 mile marathon is a chore, and it was made more difficult due to warm temperatures in Boston. The day the marathon is held, Patriots Day, is a holiday in Massachusetts, which means the route is always packed with thousands of fans offering encouragement to all of the racers.

This year, that included this man and his Super Bowl LI-themed sign:

The sign shows the score of the game with 2:12 seconds left in the third quarter, when the New England Patriots were trailing the Atlanta Falcons, 28-3. New England went on to win the game in overtime, 34-28, the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history.

If there were any Falcons fans taking part in the race they likely weren’t amused, but the Boston Athletic Association, which runs the marathon, posted that over 6,400 of this year’s entrants are from one of the six New England states. While it’s likely not every one of those people is a Patriots fan, those that are probably got an extra boost.

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