Big Picture: Give thanks

Fantasy owners who drafted players such as Jason Kidd, Nene Hilario and Andrei Kirilenko have a bit more to be thankful for these days, while owners of Kevin Martin, Rudy Gay and Kevin Durant may be in a funk that even an extra serving of cranberries can't cure. However your hoops teams have stacked up to this point of the season, my hope is that you enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday with your favorite people and are taking full advantage of the days with a few less responsibilities and a lot more sports than usual.

Stat Tracking

Baron Davis' field-goal percentage is back under 40 percent (.391), and he's currently making just 28.9 percent of his 3-point attempts. With 225 shots from the field, including 90 treys, and 48 free throws attempted, he's returned 41 percent (240) of 588 possible points ((FGA*2)+FTA+3PTA), among the worst percentages in the league.

The bottom 10 (minimum 350 possible points, league average .479): Daequan Cook (.354 of 355), Louis Williams (.380 of 353), Rafer Alston (.380 of 374), Randy Foye (.395 of 384), Ron Artest (.398 of 596), Peja Stojakovic (.400 of 397), Russell Westbrook (.402 of 483), Davis (.408 of 588), Anthony Parker (.423 of 352) and Hedo Turkoglu (.427 of 595).

The top 10: Nene Hilario (.660 of 365), Amare Stoudemire (.631 of 563), Chris Bosh (.615 of 628), Chris Kaman (.591 of 352), Carlos Boozer (.586 of 420), Chris Paul (.584 of 495), Dwight Howard (.582 of 582), Yao Ming (.582 of 469), Pau Gasol (.581 of 372) and Shaquille O'Neal (.580 of 376).

Manu Ginobili has scored 27 points in 29 minutes of two games since returning from his ankle injury. No player that's seen more than two minutes of playing time can match his current clip of 44.7 points per 48 minutes, but Ginobili typically is among the league's leaders even when he's playing regularly. His mark of 30.1 last season was topped by only nine players who averaged at least 15 minutes per game.

The current top 10 (minimum 15 minutes per game, league average 19.4): Tony Parker (39.9), LeBron James (37.5), Dwyane Wade (36.1), Kobe Bryant (34.0), Dirk Nowitzki (31.8), Chris Bosh (31.4), Danny Granger (30.9), Vince Carter (30.4), Al Jefferson (30.4) and Devin Harris (30.1).

The current bottom 10: Chuck Hayes (4.9), Fabricio Oberto (5.4), Ben Wallace (6.1), Bruce Bowen (6.7), Brent Barry (7.0), DeSagana Diop (7.1), Ronny Turiaf (7.6), Jason Collins (7.7), Antonio Daniels (9.0) and Ricky Davis (9.7).

Jason Kidd is currently shooting 47 percent from the field, well above his career average of 40 percent, and 43 percent from 3-point range, well above his career average of 34 percent. If his career averages were swapped with his current numbers, it would add 1,409 points to his 15-year tally and raise his scoring average in 1,040 games from 14.2 to 15.5 points per game.

Of Roger Mason's last 18 made field goals, 14 have been 3-pointers (78 percent); on the season, he's made 72 field goals, 54 percent of which have been of the 3-point variety (39).

The top 10 (minimum 50 FGM, league average .170): Rudy Fernandez (.640 of 58), Quentin Richardson (.565 of 62), Peja Stojakovic (.543 of 57), Mason (.542 of 72), Raja Bell (.517 of 58), Steve Blake (.508 of 54), Chris Duhon (.471 of 51), Jamal Crawford (.463 of 82) and Anthony Parker (.463 of 54).

Prime Pickups: Top players available in 50 percent of Yahoo! leagues

Eric Gordon (LAC – SG) 31 percent owned
Fantasy owners should always take note when a team trades a player (Cuttino Mobley) from and has an injury (Ricky Davis) at the same position. Enter Eric Gordon's numbers for the past two games: combined 49 points, 8 threes, 6 boards, 7 assists, 8 steals and three blocks in 77 total minutes. Gordon will have every opportunity – at least in the short-term – to prove that he's ready to own the position, so there are few formats where he shouldn't be owned. Davis is out for at least two weeks and the unlikely Kaman/J-Rich trade wouldn't happen before Kaman is 100 percent, anyway, so Gordon has as much immediate upside as any player currently unrostered in this many leagues. Bias: none Schedule: 4,3,4

Matt Barnes (Pho – SF) 50 percent owned
Barnes is a repeat performer from last week, and I can't think of many good reasons why his percent-owned number hasn't budged in the interim. In five games since returning from his suspension, he's averaged 14 points on 50 percent shooting, 2.2 threes, 4.8 boards, 2.8 assists, 0.6 steals and 0.6 blocks in 28 minutes per game. His numbers play in any format (current per-game rank of 65) and will continue to do so. Bias: none Schedule: 3,3,3

Shane Battier (Hou – SF) 50 percent owned
Francisco Garcia (Sac – SG, SF) 48 percent owned
Repeat appearances for both players, and this should be the last time either qualifies for this list. Battier returned and started Wednesday (5 points, 1 three, 7 boards, 1 block in 30 minutes) and Garcia's season debut is likely to come on Friday. Neither player figures to start for their respective teams when everyone is healthy, but at worst they'll both be 26-28 minute rotation regulars. Now is the time to decide if and/or where they fit on your roster if they are still free agents in your league. Bias: Battier roto; Garcia none Schedule: Battier 2,4,3; Garcia 2,3,4

D.J. Augustin (Cha – PG) 45 percent owned
Augustin was very good after Jason Richardson's injury forced him into the starting lineup – in the four games, he logged season highs in scoring (26), threes (7) and assists (11). J-Rich is close to a return (possibly Friday) and Augustin will be back to the bench when that does happen. That doesn't remove him from fantasy consideration, however – he should be able to maintain his minutes (currently 29 per game) as the team's sixth man, meaning the rest of his numbers should also stay put for the most part (including 12.6 points, 1.2 threes, 4.3 assists). The potential for a Raymond Felton trade (or J-Rich?) also improves Augustin's long-term prospects. A bonus for head-to-head managers: the Bobcats are the only team in the league with four games in each of the next three weeks. Bias: none Schedule: 4,4,4

Russell Westbrook (OKC – PG) 33 percent owned
His team has a long row to hoe, but Westbrook is already showing why the Thunder were so high on him on draft day. He's played at least 24 minutes in each of the past 11 games, averaging 12.9 points, 3.5 boards, 4.5 assists and 2.3 steals in 28 minutes over that stretch. You can't ignore Westbrook's shooting percentage, however – he's shooting just 33 percent (63/191) and it's unwise to expect significant improvement at any point in his rookie season. His current per-game rank is 176 but is around 100 when you remove field-goal percentage from the equation – for some perspective, he's been as large a detriment in the category to this point as Dwight Howard has been a positive. Bias: h2h Schedule: 3,4,3

Cuttino Mobley (NY – SG) 37 percent owned
Obviously the big question mark surrounding Mobley is his heart condition. What we know is that this isn't anything new in general and we have precedent for a team dealing with it – he signed a waiver with the Clippers eight years ago in order to play. Given those facts and the current state of the Knicks, it makes sense that this situation will be dealt with shortly and in a way that results in Mobley taking the court. If some threes, points and occasional steals would help you, then finding room for Mobley makes sense now that he's in the D'Antoni system. Bias: none Schedule: 4,3,4

George Hill (SA – PG) 11 percent owned
Hill has been very impressive thus far and has been filling it up lately, averaging 20.5 points on 48 percent shooting, 1 three, 4 boards, 3 assists and 2 steals in 28 minutes over the past four. With Tony Parker out for another week or 10 days, you've got at least a few more games with big minutes; given how the Spurs tend to run a deeper rotation, there's long-term promise here as well. Bias: none Schedule: 3,4,3

Ryan Gomes (Min – SF, PF) 45 percent owned
Kevin Love's unfortunate troubles have led to the steady-but-unspectacular Gomes once again playing starters' minutes and producing solid lines. Over the past seven games, he's averaged 13 points, 1.3 threes, 4.7 boards and 1.1 steals in 33 minutes per game. Gomes doesn't have tremendous upside, but he does bring with him a certain "set it and forget it" quality, meaning you don't have to worry about the overall production as long as he's seeing 30-plus minutes. Simply put, you can do much worse than Gomes. Bias: none Schedule: 4,4,3

Bias: Notes when a player's 9-cat line is more favorable in roto or h2h leagues; if 'none', the player's overall impact is relatively even in both
Schedule: The number of games the players' team has scheduled for the upcoming three weeks

Eddy Curry Line Update
the Eddy Curry Line was originally established to put a spotlight on how truly anemic Curry's overall fantasy line is. It can be used to help establish which players are among the best and worst, in terms of efficiency of production, for fantasy basketball. The standard: a player must average more turnovers than assists, steals, and blocks combined – in order to qualify, a player must have appeared in at least half of his team's games and averaged at least 25 minutes of playing time.

Note: To view the Eddy Curry rating of every NBA player, click here.

Kevin Durant 15 36.0 43 49 0.88:1 -0.12
Desmond Mason 10 26.8 18 18 1.00:1 NC
Marc Gasol 15 29.4 41 38 1.08:1 -0.07
Yao Ming 15 34.7 47 42 1.12:1 -0.10
Thaddeus Young 15 34.4 36 32 1.13:1 NC
Mickael Pietrus 15 28.7 33 29 1.14:1 -0.43
Emeka Okafor 14 32.6 36 30 1.20:1 +0.01
Andrew Bogut 16 31.6 57 44 1.30:1 +0.07
Jason Thompson 17 26.1 39 30 1.30:1 +0.22
Zach Randolph 12 34.5 33 25 1.32:1 -0.03
Chauncey Billups 14 34.9 121 23 5.26:1 +0.84
DeShawn Stevenson 13 29.0 57 11 5.18:1 +2.29
Chris Paul 14 37.6 212 41 5.17:1 -0.04
Jose Calderon 12 37.2 122 25 4.88:1 -0.92
Marcus Camby 12 29.4 62 13 4.77:1 -0.80
Rajon Rondo 16 30.5 141 32 4.41:1 +0.29
Baron Davis 14 35.6 143 33 4.33:1 -0.67
Rafer Alston 14 32.4 81 19 4.26:1 +0.26
Devin Harris 11 35.9 83 20 4.15:1 +0.82
Mike Bibby 14 32.4 83 20 4.15:1 -0.19

GP = games played
MPG = minutes played per game
POS = positive stats accumulated to-date (assists + steals + blocks)
NEG = turnovers to-date
RATIO = amount of positive stats per turnover