Kieran Trippier hands England injury scare in controversial Newcastle friendly

Kieran Trippier (R)

Tottenham 1 Newcastle 1 (Newcastle win 5-4 on pens)

Kieran Trippier handed England an early Euro 2024 injury scare when he needed an ice pack on his ankle during Newcastle’s controversial friendly with Tottenham on Wednesday.

The right-back, part of Gareth Southgate’s squad for the tournament in Germany this summer, lasted just 37 minutes of the club’s end of season friendly with Spurs in Australia. Trippier said before the game that the match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground was ‘not ideal’.

Newcastle manager Eddie Howe allayed fears Trippier picked up an injury and but said the 33-year-old was still working his way back to full match fitness.

“No that was all planned. We spoke to Kieran and thought the best thing to do was start him,” Howe said.

“He is still in the early stages of recovery so we didn’t want to take risks with him. Half an hour was always the aim.

“He did well and is not injured. Let’s see how he feels on Friday. We have to make sure we treat him well at the early stages.”

Trippier had previously made just three appearances for his club since the beginning of March after being sidelined by a calf injury.

Southgate will have to reduce the party to 26 by June 7 and Trippier, who has featured in England’s last three major tournaments, will hope to win a seat on the plane.

He looked on from the sidelines in Melbourne as the game finished 1-1 after Alexander Isak had cancelled out James Maddison’s opener with both managers having changed their entire starting XIs.

Alexander Isak (L) – Kieran Trippier hands England injury scare in controversial Newcastle friendly
Alexander Isak (left) levelled from close range just before half-time - Getty Images/Martin Keep

Newcastle eventually prevailed 5-4 on penalties with youngsters Joe White, Ben Parkinson, Amadou Diallo, Garang Kuol and Harrison Ashby all scoring from the spot after substitute keeper Mark Gillespie had saved Bryan Gil’s opening attempt.

Howe and his players will now start preparations for Friday’s fixture against an A-League All Stars team in a post-season trip that has attracted criticism over player welfare.

Alan Shearer branded the decision to fly to Australia hours after the end of the Premier League season “crazy” and “madness” as he expressed player welfare concerns.

Newcastle celebrate their penalty-shootout win over Tottenham at the MCG - Getty Images/Daniel Pockett

“Crazy. Crazy. Can you imagine if you’re a player playing at either the Copa America or Euros and having to do that? I wouldn’t be happy at all. Crazy,” he said.

Arsenal, Newcastle and Tottenham’s travel plans have also been condemned by environmental campaigners, who want football clubs to set a better example on sustainability.

Newcastle win in Melbourne – as it happened

01:07 PM BST

Dan Burn and Mark Gillespie are both happy

Try telling this pair ‘it was just a friendly in Melbourne on which absolutely nothing rested...’.

Dan Burn embraces Newcastle goalkeeper Mark Gillespie after the penalty shootout win
Dan Burn embraces Newcastle goalkeeper Mark Gillespie after the penalty shootout win - Getty Images/Robert Cianflone

12:58 PM BST

Newcastle win 5-4 on penalties

Ashby rolls the ball past Whiteman and Newcastle have won...a pat on the back?

Anyway, all the young players did well there from the spot.

12:56 PM BST

PENS: Tottenham 4 Newcastle 4

Skipp scores to ensure Newcastle have to slot home the fifth spotkick to win, what I am not so sure...

12:56 PM BST

PENS: Tottenham 3 Newcastle 4

Kuol is supremely confident as he fires past Whiteman. The young Australian did well under pressure there.

12:55 PM BST

PENS: Tottenham 3 Newcastle 3

Hall for Spurs, and he is as calm as you like sending Gillespie the wrong way.

12:54 PM BST

PENS: Tottenham 2 Newcastle 3

Diallo scores for Newcastle who lead again...Bar the Gil miss all of these spotkicks have been good.

12:54 PM BST

PENS: Tottenham 2 Newcastle 2

Jamie Donley, the ‘new Harry Kane’, and he hits one right into the top corner. Close to the perfect penalty...bravo to the ‘new Harry Kane’...

12:53 PM BST

PENS: Tottenham 1 Newcastle 2

Parkinson for Newcastle, and he sends Whiteman the wrong way.

12:52 PM BST

PENS: Tottenham 1 Newcastle 1

Scarlett for Spurs and he makes no mistake, it’s all square.

12:51 PM BST

PENS: Tottenham 0 Newcastle 1

White sends Whiteman the wrong way and Newcastle are ahead.

12:51 PM BST

PENS: Tottenham 0 Newcastle 0

Gillespie saves Gil’s opening penalty down to his right...

12:49 PM BST

So we now have a pointless penalty shootout!

Not sure the players really knew that was in the offing...all the main penalty takers have long been subbed off...

12:47 PM BST

FULL-TIME: Tottenham 1 Newcastle 1

That is that. Honours even at the MCG.

There will be penalties, which by the looks of it was news to some of the players and definitely Ange Postecoglou...

12:44 PM BST

90 mins: Tottenham 1 Newcastle 1

There will, for some reason, three minutes added time...surely after 24 hours of travel you just blow the whistle after 90 minutes? Maybe, I’m too kind...

12:42 PM BST

88 mins: Tottenham 1 Newcastle 1

Spurs’ Scarlett is free in the box, and does well to get in a left-footed shot that is blocked.

Am going call it, this will end 1-1, and I am not exactly Nostradamus for doing so...

12:40 PM BST

86 mins: Tottenham 1 Newcastle 1

Is there time for a late winner? Spurs are the more likelier of the two to grab it...

12:40 PM BST

84 mins: Tottenham 1 Newcastle 1

On the odd occasion Newcastle have had the ball they haven’t really had much of an end product. Meanwhile, there are yet more substitutions, Pope making way for Gillespie. So that’s four goalkeepers who have playing in this match...

12:36 PM BST

81 mins: Tottenham 1 Newcastle 1

Gil has looked lively since he came on, spraying balls with his left peg. He does that here hitting a beautiful diagonal to the left that ultimately ends with Donley shooting wide with his left boot. Donley has, in some quarters, been spoken of as a future Harry Kane...

12:34 PM BST

79 mins: Tottenham 1 Newcastle 1

Emerson Royal is bundled over on the outskirts of the box. From the resulting free-kick Gil whips in a low ball that young Dylan Charlton clears well.

Then from the following corner Gil whips in another ball that is crying out for a Spurs head, alas the ball beats everyone before going out for a goal kick.

12:31 PM BST

75 mins: Tottenham 1 Newcastle 1

There’s now a change of goalkeeper for Tottenham - Austin making way for Alfie Whiteman. Think that’s almost everyone who’s got a run out now, it now has the feel of a child’s birthday party where ‘everyone must win and get a go’...

12:28 PM BST

73 mins: Tottenham 1 Newcastle 1

Tottenham, as with the first half, have seen more of the ball since the break. But, also as with the first 45 minutes, have created few real chances. BUT as I type that Gil plays a very cute reverse pass to Santiago in the box (possible highlight of the match) that Pope does well to come out and intercept.

12:24 PM BST

70 mins: Tottenham 1 Newcastle 1

Big cheer at the MCG as Newcastle give a debut to Garang Kuol, the Australian international. He’s had a tough year, having been out on loan. He’s only 19 so plenty of time to settle, let’s hope he has a good 20 minutes here. Callum Wilson is the man to make way, having only come on at half-time.

12:22 PM BST

68 mins: Tottenham 1 Newcastle 1

With all the host of substitutions the match has lost whatever tempo it had...As I type that Emerson Royale is at the heart of a good move that ends with Scarlett heading just wide at the near post.

12:19 PM BST

The lesser-seen tackle in this match

Newcastle's Elliot Anderson is tackled by Pedro Porro in Melbourne

12:17 PM BST

64 mins: Tottenham 1 Newcastle 1

It’s pouring in Melbourne, which isn’t unusual from what I know, but at least it will make the two teams feel at home...

12:16 PM BST

62 mins: Tottenham 1 Newcastle 1

Another rafts of changes with Burn, Almiron and Barnes trotting off the pitch.

12:14 PM BST

60 mins: Tottenham 1 Newcastle 1

The official attendance is 78,419, which, if I am not mistaken, is higher than any Premier League attendance this season. (Don’t tell tell the Premier League, stats such as that one will only tempt them further to take matches abroad, let’s keep it as a secret between us...).

MCG attendance
The huge MCG hosted a mammoth crowd - AFP/Martin Keep

12:13 PM BST

59 mins: Tottenham 1 Newcastle 1

Bryan Gil comes on for Son. The Spurs fans at the MCG have seen one of their favourite players for the first hour at least.

12:11 PM BST

57 mins: Tottenham 1 Newcastle 1

This half is a bit more open than the first, there have been a few substitutions and am sure the letlag is lingering so no shock there.

Newcastle have an hint of and overlap, the ball is hit to the back post where Anderson is lurking with intent, however, he has a swing and a miss and the chance disappears into the ether.

12:08 PM BST

55 mins: Tottenham 1 Newcastle 1

Johnson is free on the right but proceeds to deliver one of the most-overhit crosses you are likely to see. Son, who was waiting in the middle, doesn’t look too best pleased, displaying the sort expression that says: ‘I didn’t fly 24 hours for a cross like that’...or something like that...

12:06 PM BST

53 mins: Tottenham 1 Newcastle 1

There’s been a yellow card, in a friendly! It’s been shown to Skipp for pulling a shirt. That’s his first contribution to the match...

12:05 PM BST

51 mins: Tottenham 1 Newcastle 1

Corner for Spurs after Burn deals with a Son throughball. Once again the delivery isn’t great and Newcastle can clear it away.

12:03 PM BST

49 mins: Tottenham 1 Newcastle 1

Corner for Newcastle, they go short before getting to the byline and earning another corner.

Can they create anything from this? They go deep and Spurs deal with the danger, so the long and short answer is ‘no’.

12:02 PM BST

47 mins: Tottenham 1 Newcastle 1

First chance of the second half goes the way of Newcastle after Spurs give the ball away, Barnes cuts in from the left before trying to curl a shot into the far corner of the net. Alas, there’s not enough bend on the ball and it goes wide.

11:57 AM BST

45 mins: Tottenham 1 Newcastle 1

They’re back under way at the MCG. Some changes have taken place, Wilson is on for Isak and white on for Joelinton for Newcastle, and Skipp is on for Maddison among other substitutions.

11:42 AM BST

HALF TIME: Tottenham 1 Newcastle 1

No shock to report that it’s been more pedestrian than pulsating but the first 45 minutes have thrown up the odd bit of entertainment, as well as an exhibit for the ‘pro-VAR’ camp. Tottenham have been the better side, but real chances have been few and far between for both sides.

11:39 AM BST


Tottenham 1 Newcastle 1

Isak level things up at the MCG.

It’s effectively Newcastle’s first real attack of the game. It comes down the right with Murphy getting free before putting in a low cross that Austin palms away, alas it’s only to the Newcastle striker and he has the easiest of finishes from all of three yards.

11:38 AM BST

43 mins: Tottenham 1 Newcastle 0

Maddison plays a lovely no-look ball for Emerson. Amid the half-paced nature of this match, a playmaker such as Maddison is finding more space and time with which to show-off now and then - delightful.

11:35 AM BST

39 mins: Tottenham 1 Newcastle 0

Great save from Pope after Son’s low ball in from the left is met first time by Johnson. But the Newcastle goalkeeper comes out off his line and smothers the shot. Spurs definitely in the ascendancy here. Newcastle have struggled to keep the ball in the same way as their opponents.

11:33 AM BST

Book a room

Trippier and Son having fun in Melbourne
Trippier and Son having fun in Melbourne - Getty Images/Morgan Hancock

11:32 AM BST

36 mins: Tottenham 1 Newcastle 0

Something that will please Gareth Southgate: the sight of Trippier being substituted after 36 mins, there’s no injury, Howe is making sure the defender isn’t over exerted ahead of the Euros. Jacob Murphy comes on in his place.

11:30 AM BST

35 mins: Tottenham 1 Newcastle 0

That goal is a great reason why all those ‘I hate VAR!’ merchants (of which there are zillions) might well want to reconsider their view...a clear handball, but this being a friendly, there are no real ramifications. Had that happened in the Premier League all hell would break loose and there would be much frothing of mouths...

11:25 AM BST


Tottenham 1 Newcastle 0 

Maddison opens the scoring in Melbourne.

This goal has everything (bit of hype in there, I admit...). Firstly, Pope, in the Newcastle goal gives the ball straight to Maddison on the edge of the area. Then the Spurs and England man controls the ball with his hand as it skips off his boot. It’s fairly obvious but missed by the ref meaning he can skip past a couple of challenges before lashing the ball high into the net past Pope.

11:24 AM BST

28 mins: Tottenham 0 Newcastle 0

Sarr and Maddison combine to create a chance in the Newcastle box, the England midfielder trying to sidefoot/pass the ball into the far corner. But there are too many Newcastle defenders in the way and the attempt is easily blocked. Spurs are definitely the better side.

11:21 AM BST

26 mins: Tottenham 0 Newcastle 0

Newcastle are defending deep meaning 99 per cent of what Spurs do is all in front of Krafth, Burn and Co.

That combined with jetlag means this match is more pedestrian than pulsating.

11:18 AM BST

22 mins: Tottenham 0 Newcastle 0

BREAKING NEWS: There’s been a half-chance! It’s come via the vision and passing of Maddison who splits the Newcastle defence open with a lovely throughball that Emerson cannot control...

11:17 AM BST

21 mins: Tottenham 0 Newcastle 0

This time it’s Spurs’ turn to get in behind the defence, in the form of Porro and the Newcastle defence deal with his pull-back well.

Still no chances created.

11:15 AM BST

19 mins: Tottenham 0 Newcastle 0

It’s been noticeable that no tackles have been made, no surprise there...As I type that Trippier gets in behind the Spurs defence and his low cross from the right is deflected for a corner. Again, nothing comes of the set-piece...

11:12 AM BST

17 mins: Tottenham 0 Newcastle 0

Corner for Newcastle after some neat defensive work from Porro. Can Howe’s men create something from this?

‘Nope’ is the answer as Austin, in the Spurs goal, punches the delivery well clear. There was no real pressure from any Newcastle players there.

11:10 AM BST

15 mins: Tottenham 0 Newcastle 0

Mickey van der Ven has possibly been Spurs’ best player this season and he shows why as he holds off Almiron on the right with consummate ease. He is so strong and so quick, impressive.

11:09 AM BST

That Son shot from early on

Son Spurs
Son's early attempt on goal was blocked - Getty Images/Daniel Pockett

11:08 AM BST

11 mins: Tottenham 0 Newcastle 0

A bit of possession for Newcastle, their first real look at the ball other than the odd half-break of the match. As with Spurs it’s all in front of their opponents’ backline and lacking any penetration. It all looks pretty though, but already this match has the feel of a three-quarter pace kickabout...

11:04 AM BST

10 mins: Tottenham 0 Newcastle 0

It’s been mostly Spurs so far, they’re passing the ball around well, but without much cutting edge.

11:02 AM BST

7 mins: Tottenham 0 Newcastle 0

Two attacks in the matter of seconds...

The first for Spurs as Bentancur and Emerson combine in the opponents’ box, before the ball goes to the other end of the pitch where Isak is lurking with intent.

Both attacks come to nothing, without a shot being fired in. No real quality so far, it’s all a bit bitty...

11:00 AM BST

5 mins: Tottenham 0 Newcastle 0

Free-kick for Newcastle, it’s Trippier with the delivery, from the right about 35 yards out, and it comes to nothing as a Spurs man is fouled in a melee and they are awarded a free-kick of their own...

10:59 AM BST

4 mins: Tottenham 0 Newcastle 0

Will this match be a bit like the end of a school swimming lesson when the teacher, having tried to keep control for 30 minutes, simply shouts ‘FREE SWIM, FREE SWIM!’ or will their be some semblance of order? I am thinking the latter, but would be fun to see what the footballing version of ‘FREE SWIM’ would be.

10:57 AM BST

2 mins: Tottenham 0 Newcastle 0

There are apparently 70,000 fans in ‘The G’, it can fit 100,000 so some empty seats, but an impressive figure nonetheless.

First chance goes the way of Spurs as Newcastle give the ball away to, of all players, Son. The Korean’s shot is blocked and there are appeals for handball, but the ref waves play on.

10:53 AM BST

1 min: Tottenham 0 Newcastle 0

They’re under way at the MCG, Spurs are in their their traditional lilywhite kit and Newcastle in their iconic black and white stripes. Good to see no garish away kits on display.

10:49 AM BST

The two teams in black and white

Tottenham XI: Austin; Porro, Dragusin, Van de Ven, Emerson; Bentancur, Sarr, Maddison; Kulusevski, Son, Johnson.

Subs: Vicario, Whiteman, Phillips, Black, Skipp, Devine, Abbott, Kyerematen, Hall, Bryan, Scarlett, Santiago, Donley.

Newcastle United XI: Pope; Trippier, Krafth, Burn, Hall; Bruno, Anderson, Joelinton; Almiron, Isak, Barnes.

Subs: Gillespie, Wilson, J Murphy, Ashby, De Bolle, Kuol, White, Diallo, Turner-Cooke, A Murphy, Parkinson, Thompson, Charlton, Hernes.

10:48 AM BST

The teams are out on the hallowed turf

And we’re about five minutes from the start

Looking at the players, they don’t look too tired. I’d be struggling with the jetlag and be hugging a pillow in bed right now if I had had to make the journey.

10:46 AM BST

This match is taking place at the MCG

Or ‘The G’ as Aussies call it.

One of the most famous (and biggest) sporting arenas in the world...

I’ll always associate it with Shane Warne’s hat-trick in 1994 and Sir Alistair Cook’s 244 not out (not overly entertaining but Cook at his most belligerent).

Shane Warne
The MCG was Shane Warne's palace - Bloomerg News/Jack Atley

10:41 AM BST

A friendly that does more harm than good?

That’s the view of many people who have questioned why both clubs have dashed to the other side of the world to play in what is effectively a kickabout.

One of those is our very own Jason Burt who writes...

This post-season trip is simply reckless and such fixtures should be banned.


[Both clubs] can never legitimately complain about fatigue or fixture congestion ever again

READ: Post-season friendlies like Tottenham vs Newcastle are reckless and must be banned

At least these young Spurs fans are happy their heroes made the arduous journey
At least these young Spurs fans are happy their heroes made the arduous journey - Getty Images/Morgan Hancock

10:32 AM BST

Here be Newcastle

10:30 AM BST

Here’s the Spurs starting XI

10:28 AM BST

What do you do before a friendly in Melbourne?

Well, if you’re Eddie Howe and Co you go meet Plain Jane Super Brain and Susan Kennedy (two famous characters from Neighbours, as if you needed to ask...).

10:03 AM BST

Why is this match being played?

What do you do at the end of a long, arduous, emotionally draining season where hopes and dreams have faded, and a campaign during which you’ve been party to a seemingly collective complaint about fixture congestion? Well, as soon as the whistle has been blown to end your final match of the Premier League season you hop on a plane, fly 24 hours round the world, possibly see some Neighbours (more on that later...) and play a match against a team you’ve already faced twice in the past nine months. That is is you’re Tottenham and Newcastle...

I’m no doctor (am sure that’s fairly obvious...) but I’m pretty sure from a medical point of view that isn’t great for the players, who doubtless after over 40 matches could do with putting their feet up on something other than a business class plane seat.

Also, from a ‘moral’ point of view if you’re Crewe, Oxford United, Hartlepool (insert name of ‘minnow’ here) etc the sight of two Premier League clubs not short of a bob or two hotfooting it to Australia for what some might reasonably call a ‘pointless’ match will surely grate somewhat.

This comes after Premier League teams got their way with the scraping of FA Cup replays and so removing possible much-needed sources of revenue for smaller clubs. The argument that the cream were playing too many games may have some justification, but this match will understandably leave many of the lower-league teams at best scratching their heads, at worst downright angry.

So why is it being played? Well, a part of Global Football Week Melbourne. This match is one of three which have been scheduled for the week.

Spurs will only play one game down under for Ange Postecoglou’s homecoming, whilst Newcastle will play a second game against an A-League All Stars team on Friday, May 24.

The top-flight rivals are not the only English squads who have made the journey to Australia for the week. Arsenal women have also travelled to Melbourne to take on A-League Women’s All-Stars team for the week.

Stay here for all the action from the famous MCG, with kick-off set for 10.45 BST.

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