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Normally I wouldn't dream of posting a video shot by a guy off his TV set. But considering this particular guy may have been the only person actually watching the Big Ten Network's broadcast of Purdue's spring game on Saturday, and considering it contains the only visual evidence of Boilermaker kicker Carson Wiggs connecting on a 67-yard field goal at the end of the first half, in this case, it has to be seen to be believed:

In a real game, against a live rush (the defense was not attempting a block), yes, that would be a record. Specifically, it would tie the Division I record, set three times in a span of a little over a year by a) Texas' Russell Erxleben, who drilled a 67-yarder against Rice in October 1977, b) Arkansas' Steve Little, who knocked one through from the same distance against the Longhorns just a few days later, and c) Wichita State's Joe Williams, who hit a 67-yarder against Southern Illinois in '78. Officially, it's unmatched since. The closest anyone's come in the last decade is UTEP's Jose Martinez, who hit from 64 yards out against Central Florida in 2008.

If anyone has a chance to join the club this fall, Wiggs is a good bet. He buried the longest kick of the 2009 season, a 59-yarder against Toledo in the season opener, and connected on a 52-yard boot last year at Michigan State. As for Saturday, at least Purdue Pete appreciated it.

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