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One of these things is not like the other. Via our USC Rivals compatriot Bryan Fischer, the Trojans' media guide has undergone some late-breaking revisionism to account for Reggie Bush's vanishing Heisman Trophy, apparently overnight:

Items of interest:

• Those are oddly well-formed storm and melodramatic clouds for downtown Los Angeles, even for summer.
• The number of bowl victories and national championships remains unchanged, for now. The university may be disappearing Bush, but it won't part with the fruits of his on-field labors without a final say-so from the NCAA appeals committee.
• Lane Kiffin's face looks strangely bloated. Is there chaw in that mouth? Because that might endear him to the latest angry faction of Tennesseans he's stirred up this summer.

And whatever gloating SEC partisans have to say about the change, remember: This is still only the second-most embarrassing media guide overhaul of the season.

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