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Between trips back to the lizard planet, our great and indefatigable leaders at the BCS will spend the rest of this alarmingly uneventful season anointing Texas and the winner of the SEC Championship game, looking for reasons to justify snubbing Boise State from one of the big-money soirees and hoping no one notices that Boise, TCU and Cincinnati all remain just slightly undefeated. Amidst the last-minute preparations and jockeying for position for this January's games, though, the Series' offseason strategy is becoming very clear: This year, with Congress, a new lobby and a playoff-stumping president breathing down its neck, it's going on the offensive.

Flanked by the Series' somewhat ham-fisted forays into social media and big shot Washington PR firm, the propaganda attack will apparently be led by a new Web site, PlayoffProblem.com, launched by the BCS Wednesday to educate "the millions of us who love college football" on just how much "more controversial and contentious" a playoff would be. Playoff Problem is here to answer the hard-hitting questions, such as "Is the current BCS system successful?" ("Yes ... The BCS is the best format ever ...") and "Why would a playoff diminish the regular season?" while keeping fans up to date with the latest "news & notes," such as these critical headlines:

"If BCS not completely broken, don't fix it." We like our championship systems in that sweet spot between roughly 83 and 96.4 percent broken, anyway.

"BCS is a friend to the Mountain West." And real friends always hang together to summarily dismiss one another's bids for equality and denounce each other to Congress. It's not like those wannabes would know what to do with all that money, anyway. It's for their own good.

"Would a college football playoff be fair?" If you were intelligent enough to employ the "Fairness Index" instead of an irrelevant, abstract measure like "actual results of head-to-head competition," you would see clearly that no, no it would not be.

Look, when it comes down to it, these are the facts: a) The BCS is successful. b) The BCS is fair. c) Fans and players love the BCS. These are the facts, people -- they're on the "Facts" page! So that settles it, right?

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