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Pete Carroll has felt compelled to put on his game face since the NCAA's unsparing rebuke of the "general campus environment" during his tenure at USC. He's appearing on a near-daily basis to express his shock, accept responsibility and fight back with his side of the story. He'll be appearing in a taped segment on HBO's "Real Sports" Wednesday night to defend USC's honor as the show attempts to "re-examine" the case against the Trojans in 2004-05.

This being Pete Carroll, of course, relentless optimism will always carry the day – well, optimism and petty vandalism. Carroll strategically employed the latter Monday when he left his mark on a wall at the Burger Joint in Manhattan, one of the stops on the first day of a tour to promote his new book, "Win Forever." (The second edition will be retitled "Win For Five-and-a-Half Years Pending Appeal.") The junket resumes Tuesday with an early stop at Fox News and the full gauntlet of SportsCenters, radio spots and studio chats at ESPN.

Now, I am certainly not suggesting Carroll carve self-improvement slogans into specific on-air personalities while he's in Bristol. That would be premeditated conspiracy. But let's just say a certain "Bris Cherman" offers an ample palette if inspiration strikes.

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