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As if they weren't already, Southern Cal practices are going to be verrry interesting over the next two weeks:

USC's quarterback situation took a sharp turn today when the school announced that sophomore Aaron Corp could miss two weeks because of a cracked bone in his left leg.

The news puts freshman Matt Barkley on track to possibly start the Sept. 5 opener against San Jose State.

"Possibly," in this case, means "probably not, but it's to interesting to ignore." Mark Sanchez suffered an even scarier knee injury before last year's opener against Virginia and didn't miss a beat; Corp, who was in Barkley's shoes last year as a very hyped redshirt freshman, seemingly deserves the same benefit of the doubt.

Funny, though, that nobody thought of comparing Sanchez to Wally Pipp then. Such is the lure of Barkley, the chosen one, the top quarterback recruit in the country, blessed already with an NFL body, an eye-opening spring and possibly a narrowmandate from the fans, who'd rather see the potential savior right away than spend the next three years pinning their hopes to a skinny gamer whose most prized talent is "takes care of the ball" while wondering what potential riches wait on the bench. (And not even redshirting!)If Barkley is who they think he is, here is his chance to assume that mantel.

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