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One of the Internet's favored sons, Dan Shanoff, now of the Sporting News, has taken the fever and fervor surrounding Florida's sainted starting quarterback to its logical (if faintly horrifying) conclusion with the launch of TIMTEBLOG: The Tim Tebow Blog.

This is no joke. Dan's been quietly posting there for close to a year in anticipation of the 'official' launch. And though the Tennessee fan in me loathes the Florida Gators with every fiber of my shiny black heart, I have to admit -- if there were ever a player whose very existence commands the kind of attention that would make this sort of undertaking a viable business proposition, Tebow's it. The media theory behind the site is pretty interesting:

Everyone has heard of the growth of “hyper-local” blogs dedicated to covering very specific geographic areas. This is an experiment in “hyper-topical” blogging – one very specific (if well-known) topic – covered comprehensively. If successful, it could be a template for more “hyper-topical” blogs.

How to measure success of that experiment? First: If this blog’s community and readers are satisfied. But more quantitatively, based on: (1) Audience reach, (2) distribution – including links from other blogs, “passed links” through Twitter and Facebook and accessibility through search – and (3) signals of traction as a self-sustaining business.

The site itself is your standard Shanoff fare, which is to say it's poppin' fresh and reliably entertaining, and that he uses the word THE a lot in ALL CAPS. Taking a cue from highbrow British television, Shanoff's also got a stopping point in mind:

May 3, the day after the 2010 NFL Draft. It will be the end of what will be a two-act drama for Tebow over the next nine months: Act I runs from now until the national championship game – with or without Tebow and the Gators. Act II continues from the end of the college football season until the NFL Draft, where Tebow’s status will be the biggest X-factor of the year.

As hostile as I may be to the subject matter (for the record: very, very hostile), I'm intrigued by the concept of a blog as a self-contained, intentionally finite entity. As for what this means for humanity as a species if this thing succeeds -- well, surely the Tebow Child wouldn't mind if we began leading the animals two by two into some sort of large, boat-like apparatus.

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