NCAA Tournament - Markquis Nowell yelled ‘watch this’ to Isiah Thomas on game-winning alley oop’

Kansas State PG Markquis Nowell said that he shouted “watch this” to Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas before he tossed a half court lob that turned into the game-winning alley oop in the Wildcats’ Sweet 16 win over Michigan State.

Video Transcript


- A couple of people said before the alley oop to [? Keante ?] you looked at the crowd and said, watch this! Can you confirm or deny that?

MARKQUIS NOWELL: Dang, I got to watch what I say. I mean, I--

- So you did say it?

MARKQUIS NOWELL: [INAUDIBLE] Yeah. I was talking to Isaiah Thomas because I think he had a friend over there. And he was rooting for them, and I'm like, y'all not going to win today. And I just kept looking at him for some added motivation. But you know, it was nothing but cool vibes with them over there.