No, NBC did not cut away from the Olympics for a car chase in L.A.

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*Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this story stated that the NBC broadcast was interrupted by breaking news coverage of the car chase. That was incorrect. The local, half-hour NBC news broadcast started with coverage of the live car chase and returned to regularly scheduled Olympic programming once the news broadcast was over.

If you went to bed after the Team USA men lost their semifinal to the Czech Republic in a heartbreaking shootout, you likely did so believing that you’d witnessed the most dramatic moment of the night. For most of the country, that was the case. For residents of Los Angeles, the night’s most film-worthy spectacle went down thousands of miles from PyeongChang.

It started with a phenomenon that’s oddly familiar to those who live in L.A. — NBC took viewers directly from PyeongChang live to the scene of a car chase. It’s worth noting that breaking news coverage of a car chase is as essential to the Los Angeles experience as sitting in traffic on the 405 or drunken trips to In-N-Out.

However things got Mission Impossible-levels of interesting when Tuesday’s car thief drove into a train tunnel to lose the cops.

Yes, you read that correctly. After T-boning a taxi, a man in a stolen truck fled the police, and helicopter news footage showed him attempting to lose them by driving straight into a gold line train tunnel in Boyle Heights.

NBC returned to their PyeongChang coverage after the news broadcast, but by then, L.A. viewers were so invested in the outcome of the chase that they actually switched over to the continued coverage from other local affiliates.

The suspect was eventually apprehended and the victims of the crash with the taxi were treated by paramedics at the scene.