Ball Don't Lie - NBA

Very few college players have nicknames when they arrive in the NBA, but that's why we're here. Just like last year, here's an attempt to give each of last night's picks a great moniker.

1. John "Grand" Wall "of Washington"
2. Evan "Kevin" Turner
3. Derrick "Electric" Favors
4. Wesley Johnson(notes) "the Third, Esquire"
5. DeMarcus "Second" Cousins
6. Ekpe "Surrealist Rendition of the Tall Guy from Boyz II Men" Udoh
7. Greg "Kindabeard" Monroe
8. Al-Farouq "Yanah" Aminu
9. Gordon "Iron Head" Hayward
10. Paul "John Ringo" George

11. Cole "Slaw" Aldrich
12. Xavier "Possibly French" Henry
13. Ed "Street Cred" Davis
14. Patrick "Patty" Patterson
15. Larry "Fine Grit" Sanders
16. Luke "Wascaly" Babbitt
17. Kevin "Evan" Seraphin
18. Eric Bledsoe(notes) "Much That He Needed a Tourniquet"
19. "The Hottie" Avery Bradley(notes)
20. James "Snooze" Anderson

21. Craig "Skate or Die" Brackins
22. Elliot "No, I've Never Been Drafted Before" Williams
23. Trevor "Trevdawg" Booker
24. Damion "Not Dominique Jones(notes)" James
25. Dominique "Not Damion James(notes)" Jones
26. Quincy "Pocket" Pondexter
27. Jordan Crawford(notes) a.k.a "Yep, the LeBron Dunk Guy"
28. "Eg" Greivis Vasquez(notes)
29. Daniel "The Jaw" Orton
30. "Major" Lazar Hayward(notes)

31. Tibor "Narwhal" Pleiss
32. Dexter "That's The" Pittman
33. Hassan "Chop" Whiteside
34. Armon "Hammer" Johnson
35. Nemanja "Pneumonia" Bjelica
36. Terrico "Country Strong" White
37. Darington "Last Names" Hobson
38. Andy "J.E. Skeets" Rautins
39. "Summer" Landry Fields(notes)
40. Lance "Born Early" Stephenson

41. Jarvis "Star Crunch" Varnado
42. Da'Sean "The Shawn" Butler
43. Devin Ebanks(notes) "and the Tonight Show Band"
44. Jerome "Air" Jordan
45. Paulo Prestes "Changes"
46. Gani "LOL" Lawal
47. Tiny "Keith" Gallon
48. Latavious "Snapple Caps" Williams
49. Ryan "Van Wilder" Richards
50. "King" Soloman Alabi

51. Magnum Rolle(notes) (not necessary)
52. Luke "Duh, I'm a Celtic" Harangody
53. Pape "Popsy" Sy
54. Willie "Whoops" Warren
55. Jeremy "Kevins" Evans
56. "Your" Hamady N'Diaye
57. Ryan "Nimbleshanks" Reid
58. Derrick Caracter(notes) a.k.a. "Carac Derrickter"
59. Stanley "I'm 53" Robinson
60. "Spain" Dwayne Collins(notes)

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