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The Allen Iverson(notes) saga keeps going from bad to worse. Denver was awkward. Detroit was a disaster. Memphis was worse. But that's all on-the-court stuff. Now things are falling apart in Iverson's personal life.

Iverson recently left Philadelphia in order to care for his sick daughter. That's not good. Even worse, his wife has filed for divorce. In an amazing exposé by the Philadelphia Inquirer's Stephen A. Smith and Bill Ordine, the reasons behind Iverson's fall from grace are examined.

Of course, there's talk of Iverson's legal problems, but then Smith and Ordine drop a bombshell.

One NBA source said yesterday that when Iverson was traded from the Denver Nuggets to the Detroit Pistons in 2008, "he practically lived in the casinos." Numerous sources said he was banned from two of the three casinos in Detroit.

"Drinking and the casinos: Allen was always doing one thing, or was at the other," an Eastern Conference executive said last night. "No one who knows him can deny it."

Furthermore, the writers say that Iverson "has been troubled by excessive drinking." It's just bad all around. Larry Brown, one of the few people who ever really "got" Iverson, sums up the effect that this will have on Iverson's legacy.

"This is going to be another situation where something difficult that has happened in his life takes away from all of his accomplishments and everything he stood for," said Charlotte Bobcats coach Larry Brown, who coached Iverson with the Sixers. "That, to me, is the saddest thing of all."

The whole thing is the saddest thing, if you ask me. The article is a great read, but good luck not feeling terrible afterwards.

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Ball Don't Lie

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