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Why is new Hornets GM Dell Demps looking so confused? Was he asked which team was going to be getting Chris Paul(notes) in a trade? Did some reporter ask if he was named after a computer? There's no way to know. Unless you come up with an excellent explanation. An excell-anation. Best one wins some eyebrows. Good luck.

Previously, Matt Barnes intenses his first Lakers press conference.

Winner, hoopster1688: Barnes: "Look at Mitch Kupchak. Now look at me. Now Mitch again. Now back at me. Look deep into my eyes. Im the small forward who could have played in Toronto, but im not in Toronto. Whats that in your hand, now its in my hands. its that Matt Barnes(notes) Raptors' jersey. The Jersey is now the Lakers."
Kupchak: "doot dee doot doot doo dee doot doo"

Runner-up, Kays: "Matt Barnes only made one requext from Kobe before signing his contract with the Los Angeles Lakers: that some of the hottie bailiffs from his favorite syndicated television show, Night Court, introduce him at his press conference. His childhood dreams did not quite materialize when miscommunication resulted in John Larroquette being the only former cast member in attendance."

Second runner-up, Mousa: "Clearly Matt Barnes was not a Nick Van Exel fan."

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Ball Don't Lie

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