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Create-a-Caption: ‘What’s that on the horizon?’

Billy Hunter: "Is that ... reason for optimism that I see?"

Kobe Bryant(notes) (sighing): "Nope. It's a piece of paper with the word 'OPTIMISM' printed on it, and Stern hiding behind it with his neck frills open. God, how do you not see this coming every time?"

If you can't laugh about it, you'll cry about it, folks. Best caption wins Radiohead songs played in a basement (¡viva los blogueros!) . Good luck.

In our last adventure: With their endearing combinations of charm, grace and rambunctiousness, Shaun White and Tony Hawk are like the sons that Bill Walton never had.

Create-a-Caption: ‘What’s that on the horizon?’Winner, Magic32: Bill Walton: "You know, Tony and Shaun, I remember meeting Stacy Peralta in the Dogtown days, just before the polyurethane wheels came out. Metal wheels were convenient when trying to create sparks on the pavement, but they were a hassle to control the board with. Reminds me of a story I wrote in my last book, 'Your Inner Grateful Walton,' where I came face-to-face ..."

Tony Hawk (whispering): "Just keep smiling, Shaun. He'll get distracted by someone else soon."

Runner-up, Reppin 4rm Big D To Jrzy: Floating glazed-eyed to a late night pizza joint near you ...

Second runner-up, Thanatos: Clearly, as you get older, your hair retracts into your head.

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Ball Don't Lie

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