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Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert is a walking, talking, tweeting, "something to say." Very little can pass the NBA docket without Gilbert having an opinion, and certainly nothing passes the NBA's sniff test, to his nose at least, without the Cavs' owner/operator taking it to the tweets. Especially when it comes to LeBron James(notes), a former Cav who left Cleveland because his Cavaliers supporting cast was a terrible thing to behold.

Still strangely hurt because James would prefer to work next to Dwyane Wade(notes) instead of Mo Williams(notes), here is what Gilbert tweeted Sunday night after James' Heat fell short against Dallas:

Cavs owner Dan Gilbert is still smarting about LeBron James

Oh, come off it, Dan.

You're the guy that bought the Cavs because the Pistons weren't available, taking in a Cavalier team that already had James on the roster, a ready-made money-maker. And while I was amongst 99 percent of the basketball-following population in rooting against James and the Heat in these playoffs, the fact remains that he left a terrible supporting cast in Cleveland to play for less money in Miami, in order to chase a championship with the Heat. He did all that we expect from a star. He did it like a bit of a [expletive deleted], and he failed his team in these Finals, but as an NBA fan I would have been incredibly ticked off had this guy chickened out and stayed in Cleveland.

You'll never get that, because you're trying to set an example for the children, or some such tripe. Good on you. Hopefully you find a shortcut toward 25 wins in 2011-12, because the Cleveland Cavaliers fan base deserves better. With LeBron, and without.

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Ball Don't Lie

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