NBA Last Two Minute Report says Brunson did foul Maxey late in win, Nurse should have gotten timeout

Congratulations Philadelphia 76ers, you were right.

Your reward is you are still down 0-2 to the Knicks in your Eastern Conference first-round showdown.

After the game, the 76ers complained about several officiating calls, particularly in the chaotic final 35 seconds of Game 2, when Philadelphia blew a five-point lead to come from ahead and lose. The NBA's Last Two Minute report found a handful of missed calls in those final seconds:

• With 34.7 seconds and a scramble for a loose ball, Donte DiVincenzo comes away with it and when he does Embiid should have been called for a foul for extending "his left hand forward and into DiVincenzo's (NYK) head/face as he begins his dribble." DiVincenzo kept control, got out to the top of the key, drove left and ultimately found Jalen Brunson in the corner, who made a move and it a 3-pointer.

• With 27.2 seconds left (after the Brunson make), Brunson should have been called for a foul for pulling on Tyrese Maxey's jersey as he tried to get free to get the inbounds pass.

• During this time, "An attempt to call a timeout by Coach Nurse during this play is neither recognized nor granted by the officials" but should have been, according to the report.

• Once Maxey got the pass, Josh Hart "steps forward into Maxey's space and initiates lower body contact that causes Maxey to lose his balance and fall to the floor," and that should have been a foul.

• After that, Hart's steal of the ball from Maxey is considered clean, and the officials did the right thing by not blowing their whistles (except for the part where they missed the two calls that led up to that moment).

All that changes nothing. The end of the game will not be replayed, and the Knicks are up 2-0.

In the Lakers vs. Nuggets Game 2 — a dramatic Nuggets win — the Last Two Minute Report found the only incorrect call was a missed 3 second violation on Nikola Jokic with 1:53 left in the game. It says all the calls down the stretch of a back-and-forth game were correct.