Must-bake cookies | Farm-to-table Nulu restaurant | Hanukkah food traditions

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Hello all and welcome to December! There's six restaurants (that I know of) with December openings so far, including Louisville's first craft seltzery.

It's also the middle of Hanukkah, so happy holidays to all that celebrate.

Love a latke — Quite a lot of the food traditions at the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah revolve around fried foods, which means they're delicious. From latkes to jelly doughnuts and brisket, take a look inside this holiday's yummy traditions.

Must-bake cookies — The chef at Smør Nordic Bakeri says these cookies are must-bakes. Go on. Click open the recipes (you can choose between a dreamy upgrade to a classic chocolate chip cookie and a traditional Scandinavian soft almond cookie) and turn on that oven.

Not your everyday kitchen — Everyday Kitchen opened in NuLu earlier this year, serving unique, farm-to-table dishes by senior executive chef Mike Wajda. Who would have thought to serve clam chowder with Peruvian spud, smoked fish and Kentucky hemp in it?

Got another minute? Here's the news you missed from last week during the holiday:

Thanks for reading everyone, and stay safe!

Dahlia Ghabour

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