Mike Trout's obsession with the bomb cyclone has him in hot water with his wife

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<a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/mlb/players/8861/" data-ylk="slk:Mike Trout">Mike Trout</a> is fascinated by the bomb cyclone. (AP Photo)
Mike Trout is fascinated by the bomb cyclone. (AP Photo)

Los Angeles Angels superstar Mike Trout’s love of weather has been well documented in the past. He’s sent private messages to meteorologists on Twitter, owns a weather balloon and didn’t exactly deny it when someone called him a “weather geek.”

So, when a storm dubbed the “bomb cyclone” is active, you know Trout is amped about following it.

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Maybe a little too amped, actually. Trout’s obsession with the storm is so great that his wife is threatening to mute all text conversations with him.

Her response was in reference to a tweet from MLB Network Radio that contained a quote from meteorologist Jim Cantore about communicating with Trout about the storm all week. Cantore is the weather expert Trout has talked to in the past. The two appear to have bonded over their love of weather.

We’re not sure we can say the same for Trout and his wife. In her defense, his dedication to weather does sound intense.

And if you need proof of that, you can check out his reply to that tweet. It was a simple gif of Cantore being surprised by a storm:

The best player in baseball eats, sleeps and breathes weather. We find it endearing, but maybe we would change our minds if he started sending us 10 weather updates a day.

Oh, one final thing before we go: Do we have permission to nickname all Mike Trout home runs “bomb cyclones” from now on? Yeah, we thought so.

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