Mike Shildt says some members of Cardinals have gone to emergency room due to coronavirus symptoms

Chris Cwik
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Some members of the St. Louis Cardinals have gone to the emergency room due to coronavirus. Manager Mike Shildt said Sunday that while no member of the team has stayed overnight at the hospital, some have needed IVs as a result of the virus.

Shildt, 52, made those comments during his weekly radio interview with KMOX.

Shildt’s full comments read:

“By and large, people are in a pretty good spot. There are people that have symptoms, and have had a few visits to the ER for some IVs and a little more clarity. Nobody has had to stay. But there are people dealing with — I mean, this is real. And people are experiencing a lot of the symptoms that we hear about, that are associated with this. A variety of them. Most of them are experiencing multiple ones. Seems like they rotate with them. And again, nobody is in close to any critical shape, but people are having to deal with some things that aren’t comfortable at all. And hopefully we can get that behind them. They’re getting great care.”

Cardinals experiencing coronavirus outbreak

The Cardinals were expected to be in the middle of a series against the Chicago Cubs, but that series was postponed after a number of Cardinals tested positive for coronavirus. A total of 16 members of the team have tested positive. There are already rumors the team’s series against the Pittsburgh Pirates, which is set to start Monday, will also be postponed. Yadier Molina and Paul DeJong are among the players who have revealed positive tests. Shildt did not specify whether Cardinals players or staff members or both visited the ER due to the virus.

Cardinals are the second coronavirus outbreak in baseball

The Cardinals’ positive tests came shortly after the Miami Marlins also experienced a coronavirus outbreak. Over the half the Marlins roster tested positive for the virus. MLB postponed a week of games for the team, but the Marlins eventually did not experience new tests and resumed playing.

MLB took a similar approach with the Cardinals initially. When the team went two days without a new positive test, the Cardinals were cleared to travel back to St. Louis for their series with the Cubs. The Cardinals had previously been quarantining in Milwaukee, where the team was alerted of its first positive tests. Upon returning to St. Louis, the team experienced three new positive tests.

It’s unclear when the Cardinals will resume their season.

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