Mike Gundy has strong thoughts about Twitter, says it's 'destroying this country'

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Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy’s team got a big win Saturday night. (AP Photo/Orlin Wagner)
Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy’s team got a big win Saturday night. (AP Photo/Orlin Wagner)

Mike Gundy has a Twitter account. That does not mean he likes the platform.

The Oklahoma State coach shared his feelings about Twitter after his Cowboys upset No. 6 Texas on Saturday night. OSU has struggled this season and QB Taylor Cornelius in particular has caught some heat after the Cowboys lost three games in a four-game stretch. If you were one of the people criticizing Cornelius on Twitter, Gundy has no time for you.

“I give a rat’s ass about Twitter,” Gundy said with a fart noise following it. “It’s a platform for people who are sitting at home drawing an unemployment check sitting in front of a keyboard.”

Gundy then made a fart noise again before continuing with his answer. Cornelius was great as the Cowboys jumped out to a 31-14 halftime lead in the 38-35 win.

“I’m not disregarding what you’re saying. Trust me, I get it in my own house. But I just kind of felt like social media and Twitter is what is destroying this country anyway. So that’s how I feel about it. From politics to sports to whatever. Gives people a platform to bitch and then other people are like needling it and they’re sitting at home and they’re late on a payment. So, anyway, that’s how I feel.”

Gundy, now a man and 50, has somewhat of a point even if it’s shrouded in some hyperbole and demeaning stereotypes. Social media can be extremely toxic and should be used judiciously. But it’s also natural for the coach of a successful program to get some heat after home losses to Texas Tech and Iowa State and a road loss to a Kansas State team that was blitzed by Oklahoma on Saturday.

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