NHL peers think McDavid is world's best, and it's not even close

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Edmonton Oilers superstar Connor McDavid is just as unstoppable as you'd imagine. (USA TODAY Sports)
Edmonton Oilers superstar Connor McDavid is just as unstoppable as you'd imagine. (USA TODAY Sports)

It’s officially awards season in the film industry and the NHL didn’t want to be left out of the fun, creating a few superlatives of their own.

The Athletic hosted its annual player poll, surveying 392 players and asked them a number of wide-ranging questions, and the answers are hilarious. It’s like senior year of high school all over again, but for wealthy adult athletes.

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Connor McDavid is widely considered the NHL’s best player and his peers certainly agree, as he won the poll with a whopping 63 percent of the votes. Nathan MacKinnon finished second with 17 percent, Sidney Crosby finished third with 15 percent, while David Pastrnak and Jack Eichel finished in a distant fourth place, each earning one percent of the vote.

Somewhere out there, Alex Ovechkin might be curious about the snub, but he didn’t go empty-handed. Ovechkin was named as the player that they’d want to have a beer — let’s stop kidding ourselves, several beers — with. Ovechkin topped the poll, earning 14 percent of the votes.

Aleksander Barkov was selected as the league’s most underrated player, but this is where it gets curious, as he earned 22 percent of the vote and was given the superlative for the second consecutive year, so is he really underrated? In any event, the Florida Panthers star has earned the eternal respect of his peers.

To little surprise, Boston Bruins star Brad Marchand was listed as the NHL’s dirtiest player, with 29 percent of the voters selecting him, over Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson, who finished second at 24 percent.

It’s always compelling to see what your peers really think of you behind closed doors. As the new year begins, here’s to a new opportunity to improve your reputation.

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