Max Domi raves about history of Canadiens as part of free agency pitch

Arun SrinivasanContributor
Max Domi is loving his time in Montreal. (Getty)
Max Domi is loving his time in Montreal. (Getty)

Max Domi is a student of the game and he couldn’t be happier to play for an organization with such a rich history like the Montreal Canadiens.

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Domi made an appearance on Tim and Sid and was asked to make a potential pitch to a player considering the Canadiens, and the 24-year-old raved about the city, and the franchise’s place in the lore of the game.

“It's the best day ever. Just look at that logo. You look at that logo, you're like man, the Richard brothers wore that, Guy Lafleur wore that, Patrick Roy wore that jersey, Jean Beliveau has worn that jersey, it's the same damn jersey, it hasn't changed. The history is so rich and you're like 'this is cool' and you feel it when you put it on and you feel it when you skate around the ice, and you're not just playing for yourself, your teammates, or your coaches, you're literally playing for that city and the generations of fans that were before that,” Domi said.

Although Domi didn’t focus on the current iteration of the team, he believes that Montreal’s electric atmosphere should be enough to win over any player considered playing for the Canadiens.

“Everyone is so dialled in and it's such an unbelievable feeling and the amount of success that they've had - we all play hockey to win a Stanley Cup - and the amount of success that team has had, that franchise has had, and the way they handle themselves (with) a first-class mentality, you can't beat it. If I was talking to a free agent, if you love hockey, you truly love hockey, you would not want to be anywhere but Montreal.”

It’s evident that Domi has truly enjoyed his his first year with the Canadiens upon being traded from the Arizona Coyotes. Domi put up a career-best 72 points in 82 games, and it’s clear that he’s in it for the long haul as the Canadiens look to build upon a surprisingly positive season and fight for a playoff spot in 2019-20.

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