Matt Eberflus on Bears franchise: 'It's a special place'

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Matt Eberflus on Bears franchise: 'It's a special place' originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Matt Eberflus takes the head coaching position with a certain point of pride.

For a person who grew up and went to college in Toledo, Ohio and coached in Missouri, Cleveland, Dallas and Indianapolis, you wouldn't expect him to know much about the Chicago Bears and its history.

Yet, Eberflus not only knows the names of the people that built the rich history of the Bears, he appreciates them and what it means to the city of Chicago.

"It's a special place and it has a history like no other," Eberflus said on Sirius XM NFL radio. "And you get a chance to talk to Dick Butkus and Richard Dent and Peanut [Charles] Tillman and Julius Peppers and [Brian] Urlacher and [Lance] Briggs. And you keep going down. You know [Gary] Fencik. I had a chance to golf with [Dan] Hampton and Fencik this summer and man, it's been a blast just getting to know those guys and we're trying to do it the right way. We're building this foundation for the long haul to make sure that the Chicago Bears have lasting power in the NFL."

Eberflus seems determined to create something special with the Bears.

His HITS -- Hustle, Intensity, Takeaways and (playing) Smart -- philosophy on defense resonates heavily with the Bears long-time philosophy. The franchise is historically a defensive-minded team and Eberflus' mindset matches the description perfectly.

It shouldn't take long for Bears fans to warm up to 'Flus and appreciate what he and his staff are trying to do in Chicago.

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