Mark Cuban says he is ‘actively considering’ 2020 presidential run

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says he is “actively considering” running for president in 2020. (AP)
Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says he is “actively considering” running for president in 2020. (AP)

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is “actively considering” running for president in 2020, he said on Tuesday, but there is a “90 percent” chance the billionaire investor and entrepreneur won’t run.

Speaking with CNBC’s “Fast Money”, Cuban said while he has expressed interest in running, a lot can happen in the next three years. If a better candidate emerges and someone else could do a better job, he said he would be happy.

“It’s not my all-time dream to be President of the United States,” Cuban said.

Cuban also commented Tuesday on his potential presidential run on Bakari Sellers’ podcast “Viewpoint,” telling Sellers he was “considering” running, but was not ready to commit to the idea.

“I would say the odds are extremely against it because my wife would divorce me,” Cuban said on CNBC. “It‘s more a family issue than any other issue.”

Cuban also said his children have varying opinions on whether he should run for president.

“My son definitely,” Cuban said. “My middle daughter probably. My oldest daughter she only pays attention to boys and nothing else matters.”

Cuban said the 90 percent chance rate of him not running could drop if his wife gives him the go-ahead.

“Based off what’s happening in the White House, based off what’s happening in the country and the world, we need better leadership and I think I could do a better job,” Cuban said. “But there’s a lot more to it than just thinking you can do a better job, and so I’m not ready to make the commitment.”

Cuban backed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton prior to the 2016 election. It’s unclear which party Cuban would run under. He told Sellers he is “independent all the way through.”

Cuban not only expressed his potential interest in running on Sellers’ podcast, but also went into policy detail as well and said he would “have no problem” releasing his income tax returns if he ran for office. Cuban has criticized Trump for not releasing his own tax returns in the past.

Cuban has hinted about running for president in previous occasions, even writing in an email exchange with CNBC in 2015 that he could beat Trump and Clinton if he ran for president in 2016. However, he did not run.

“I try to look at every situation differently,” Cuban said. “I try to be objective. I try to be informed. And if I’m informed, hopefully I can come to a conclusion that I believe in and am willing to back and do something about.”

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