'Madden 20' updates Phillip Lindsay's likeness – now it actually looks like Broncos Pro Bowler

Shalise Manza YoungYahoo Sports Contributor

Last week, when “Madden 20” player ratings adjustor Dustin Smith visited Denver Broncos camp, both the team and running back Phillip Lindsay had a bone to pick with him. Specifically, why didn’t the player’s digital likeness look anything like him?

It’s been fixed.

Curly hair and sweatband

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The image update is a drastic improvement. Take a look:

(Reddit/Denver Broncos)
(Reddit/Denver Broncos)

The one on the left is how Lindsay originally appeared in this year’s version of the game. If you can tell us who the heck that is, we’d appreciate it, because it sure doesn’t look like the Pro Bowl back.

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On the right is the update, and it’s pretty much a dead ringer for the 25-year-old Denver native – he has a sometimes unruly mop of curls, and he wears a headband to keep them off his face while he’s playing.

Here’s Lindsay’s official team headshot from June for comparison’s sake:

This is what Phillip Lindsay looks like in real life. (AP)
This is what Phillip Lindsay looks like in real life. (AP)

Now that his avi is accurate, Lindsay can turn his attention to the annual tradition of getting the ratings adjustor to increase his player rating from its current 86 overall.

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