Luckiest fan ever catches two foul balls on consecutive pitches

People go to baseball games to see heroes turn into legends on the field. They rarely expect to see it happen in the stands.

But the fans in attendance at Sunday’s Oakland Athletics game got treated to the latter. One fan — no … one legend — managed to do the impossible during the contest: He caught two foul balls on two consecutive pitches!

What happened?

The guy caught one foul ball and then caught another one on the next pitch! What more do we have to say?

All right, we’ll explain. With two outs in the bottom of the sixth inning, Chad Pinder fouled off a 1-0 pitch up behind the plate near the first base line. It was caught by a fan in a white tank-top and gray Athletics hat. Upon making the two-handed snag, he gave out high fives to all willing parties around him.

On the next pitch, Pinder hit a ball to the exact same spot … and the fan was there again. This time, he decided to show off a little, using only one hand to make the grab. After making the catch, he passed out some more enthusiastic high fives while the announcers couldn’t believe what they had just witnessed. The fan then raised his arms in triumph before bowing down to the crowd.

Has this happened before?

Yes, actually. And it was another A’s fan!

There have been other instances of people catching multiple foul balls during a single game. Though it is incredibly rare for it to happen on consecutive pitches.

What’s up with the balls in Oakland?

We don’t know, but we’re going and we’re bringing our glove to get in on the action.

Anything else?

Oh yeah, the A’s beat the Kansas City Royals by a score of 3-2. We’re sure it was an impressive win, but we stopped following the game so we could repeatedly watch the clip of the fan a million times.

Can you blame us? We feel confident saying the game didn’t get much better than that.

An Athletics fan grabbed two foul balls on two consecutive pitches. (Screenshot via
An Athletics fan grabbed two foul balls on two consecutive pitches. (Screenshot via

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