Some Louisville residents allowed to return home after Marshall Fire

Jan. 2—Boulder County officials began allowing some Louisville residents to return home with an ID.

Officials also opened any area that had been under pre-evacuation notice.

But, several neighborhoods still were blocking entry to anyone but first responders, authorized utility workers and other authorized individuals who are helping with recovery or the fire investigation.

Areas that are under a soft closure, or those where residents can return with an ID are:

* Spyglass Circle,

* Saint Andrews Lane north of West Dillon Road,

* Augusta Drive,

* Pinehurst Court,

* Club Circle and Place,

Areas that are under a hard closure, or those that only allow first responders and those completing recovery work are:

* McCaslin Boulevard from South Boulder Road to Cherrywood Lane,

* Via Appia at West Pine to McCaslin Boulevard, no northbound turns onto West Pine,

* Hillside Lane and Hillside Court,

* Fillmore Court,

* West Sandbar Circle,

* West Pinyon Way,

* West Hemlock Circle,

* Saint Andrews Lane south of West Dillon Road to South 88th Street,

* South 88th Street at West Dillon Road to Saint Andrews Lane,

* Troon Court,

* Muirfield Court and Circle,

* Turnberry Circle,

* West Alder Street,

* Kennedy Avenue at West Tamarisk Street South,

* Harper Lake Drive and Court,

* Washington Avenue from Grove Drive to McCaslin Boulevard,

* Willow Place,

* Honeysuckle Lane,

* Sunflower Street,

* Arapahoe Circle,

* Eldorado Lane,

* Larkspur Lane and Court,

* Arapahoe Court,

* Trail Ridge Drive,

* Estes Way,

* Harper Lake Drive,

* Grove Court,

* Meadow Court, and

* Owl Drive at West Pine Street west to Polk Avenue.

Residents should continue to check the map at for updates on closures.