Lou Will claims Draymond is ‘tripping' for calling Knicks a fluke

Lou Will claims Draymond is ‘tripping' for calling Knicks a fluke originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

Draymond Green recently sounded off on the Knicks, calling out their excited fan base for its delusion despite New York being one win away from reaching the Eastern Conference finals for the first time since 2000.

But not everyone agrees with Green's assessment of the Knicks and their fans.

On the most recent episode of Fanduel’s “Run it Back” with Michelle Beadle and Chandler Parsons, three-time NBA Sixth Man of the Year Lou Williams defended the Knicks, humorously shooting down Green’s hot takes.

“Dray tripping,” Williams laughed. “He tripping. I mean, you can’t call them a fluke. If anything, they’ve been consistent. These guys have faced adversity. They’ve been consistent like I just mentioned. They haven’t made any excuses for themselves. They’ve dealt with injuries. They’ve dealt with criticism coming from people saying ‘Maybe they’re overworked [or] maybe they’re playing too many minutes.’ And they just keep trucking on and they win big game after big game. All games they’re supposed to win, they’re there, and they’re winning in big-time fashion.

“So for [Draymond] to call them a fluke, I don’t have context on what he said -- I would like to understand why he would say that -- but this New York Knicks team has been in the mix all year. They’ve been consistent, [and] now that the postseason has started, they’re one win away from getting to the Eastern Conference Finals. I don’t know how that qualifies as a fluke. So, I got Dray trippin’ on this one.”

When appearing on TNT’s “Inside the NBA” on Tuesday, the four-time NBA Champion doubled down on his anti-Knicks rhetoric, reiterating his belief that New York’s tremendous season and NBA playoffs run is a “fluke.”

Green's comments quickly made the rounds over social media as the No. 2-seeded Knicks earned a three-games-to-two series advantage over the No. 6-seeded Pacers on Tuesday night.

Led by first-time NBA All-Star Jalen Brunson, who is averaging a remarkable 33.9 points, 7.5 assists and 3.8 rebounds during the Knicks' current playoff run, New York has answered the call day in and day out, fighting through injuries and criticism.

While no one knows how far the Knicks will go, assuming they outlast the Pacers, it appears they have built a foundation for future success.

But the longtime Warrior has seen enough one-hit-wonder teams come and go to make an assessment about what he sees with the Knicks.

Only time will tell if Green is right.

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