Lorraine Bracco talks 30 years of 'Goodfellas' and that controversial 'Sopranos' scene

Lorraine Bracco played a major role in one of the most memorable gangster movies of all time (“GoodFellas”) and also in one of the most memorable gangster TV shows of all time (“The Sopranos”).

Bracco spoke to Yahoo Entertainment about the 30th anniversary of the Scorsese classic, reminiscing about the one-take Steadicam shot of her and Ray Liotta walking into the Copacabana. Bracco played Karen Hill to Liotta’s rising mobster Henry Hill.

“We rehearsed it a lot,” she said. “We filmed it like 15 or 18 times. And at each take, something different came up which was a lot of fun.”

She also weighed in a controversial scene from “The Sopranos” where her character, Dr. Jennifer Melfi, is raped. In a subsequent scene, Melfi considers telling Tony Soprano, her patient, but opts not to, knowing he might exact violent revenge on her behalf.

“It was a question of ethics for her not to tell them the truth,” Bracco said. She added that she agreed with her character’s decision, although not everyone did.

“My mother and father [were] screaming, ‘Tell him, tell him,’” she said.