Take a look at the golf courses owned by Donald Trump

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Before Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, he was well known in the golf community as the namesake of the courses and grounds that share his name.

There are 12 Trump Golf-owned properties in the United States, two in Scotland, one in Ireland and one in the United Arab Emirates. The Trump Organization manages Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point in New York, though for a short period of time it lost control until winning a legal battle. It also has three golf properties opening soon: two in Indonesia and one in Dubai.

Seven of the current Trump Golf-owned/managed properties are open to the public for tee times and nine of the clubs are private.

Here’s a look at the 16 current Trump Golf properties around the world.









1. Trump National Golf Club, Bedminster

Location: Bedminster, NJ
Tee Times: Private Club
Website: www.trumpnationalbedminster.com

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2. Trump National Golf Club, Charlotte

Location: Charlotte, NC
Tee Times: Private Club
Website: www.trumpnationalcharlotte.com

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3. Trump National Golf Club, Colts Neck

Location: Colts Neck, NJ
Tee Times: Private Club
Website: www.trumpcoltsneck.com

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4. Trump National Doral Golf Club

Location: Miami, Fla.
Tee Times: Open to public
Website: www.trumpgolfdoral.com

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5. Trump National Golf Club, Hudson Valley

Location: Hudson Valley, NY
Tee Times: Private Club
Website: www.trumpnationalhudsonvalley.com

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6. Trump National Golf Club, Jupiter

Location: Jupiter, Fla.
Tee Times: Private Club
Website: www.trumpnationaljupiter.com

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7. Trump National Golf Club, Los Angeles

Location: Los Angeles, Calif.
Tee Times: Open to public
Website: www.trumpnationallosangeles.com

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8. Trump National Golf Club, Philadelphia

Location: Philadelphia, Penn.
Tee Times: Private Club
Website: www.trumpnationalphiladelphia.com

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9. Trump National Golf Club, Washington D.C.

Location: Washington D.C.
Tee Times: Private Club
Website: www.trumpnationaldc.com

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10. Trump International Golf Club, West Palm Beach

Location: West Palm Beach, Fla.
Tee Times: Private Club
Website: www.trumpinternationalpalmbeaches.com

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11. Trump National Golf Club, Westchester

Location: Westchester, NY
Tee Times: Private Club
Website: www.trumpnationalwestchester.com

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12. Trump Ferry Point, New York City

Location: New York City, NY
Tee Times: Open to public
Website: www.trumpferrypoint.com

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13. Trump Turnberry

Location: Turnberry, Scotland
Tee Times: Open to public
Website: www.turnberry.co.uk

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14. Trump International, Scotland

Location: Aberdeen, Scotland
Tee times: Open to public
Website: www.trumpgolfscotland.com

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15. Trump International Golf Links and Hotel, Doonbeg

Location: Doonbeg, Ireland
Tee times: Open to public
Website: www.trumpgolfireland.com

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16. Trump International Golf Club, Dubai

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tee Times: Open to public
Website: www.trumpgolfdubai.com

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Coming soon:

Trump World Golf Club, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 
Website: trump.com/golf/trump-world-golf-club-dubai

Trump International Hotel and Tower, Lido City, Indonesia
Website: trumphotels.com/lido

Trump International Hotel and Tower, Bali, Indonesia
Website: trumphotels.com/bali