At long last, LeBron James delivers first cryptic social media post of new season

Dan Devine

On this, we must credit longtime friend of the program Tommy Beer:

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That reminder wound up being a tad premature. Despite the Cleveland Cavaliers getting off to a very rocky 3-5 start featuring some uninspiring early efforts that prompted a clear-the-air team meeting before the three-time-defending Eastern Conference champs could even get out of November, LeBron James kept his social media powder dry, preferring to do his talking on the court to the tune of 57 points that reminded everyone why they should be scared of the Cavs.

After another dispiriting loss, though — this one at the hands of the lowly Atlanta Hawks, who’d dropped eight straight heading into their Sunday meeting with the Cavs, and one that prompted newly minted reserve Dwyane Wade to gripe about all the “10-plus-point holes” that Cleveland’s starters have been digging at the start of games — James opened up his social media app of choice and his beautiful mind on Monday night. Ladies and gentlemen: we’ve reached Inscrutable, Perhaps Deliberately Vague and Endless-Speculation-Inducing LeBron Social Media Season!

Take us away, Mr. James:


A post shared by LeBron James (@kingjames) on Nov 6, 2017 at 7:07pm PST

And while there are galaxies of possibilities as to what might be irking James here, it is my solemn duty to note that LeBron chose to hit us all with the Arthur’s Fist meme — a now infamous method of communicating frustration or anger, albeit often as a joke — shortly after his old pal Kyrie Irving wrapped up his best game as a member of the Boston Celtics, a 35-point, seven-assist gem to push the C’s past the very same Hawks that LeBron’s Cavs couldn’t beat on Sunday. Interesting!

If the “Mood…” message raised your eyebrow and interest, you’re not alone. Multiple NBA players got into it, too, including the point guard who came back to Northeast Ohio in the deal that shipped Irving to Boston:

… and the guy who was just complaining about all those double-digit deficits LeBron keeps handing him:

… and Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard, who just enjoys watching a whirlwind get kicked up:

… and a certain fellow Klutch Sports client who’s on the outs with his current employer and who might be looking to find his way to the Q:

Irving, as of press time, has not yet weighed in. But we can dare to dream.

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Only time will tell where the Arthur Fist will land on the all-time Cryptic and Emotional LeBron Social Media Post power rankings. It’ll have a tough time topping “FIT-OUT/FIT-IN”, Bitmoji Batman or — my personal favorite — Emo Man in the Mirror. But then, that’s what makes guys like LeBron true greats — the willingness to take on seemingly impossible challenges, and to never stop striving for social media greatness.

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