Liam Gallagher deletes social media posts containing ableist slurs after England v USA match

Liam Gallagher deleted a series of offensive tweets shared after England’s men’s football team drew 0-0 with USA in their World Cup group stage match on Friday (25 November).

The former Oasis frontman received immediate backlash for the tweets, several of which contained ableist slurs.

“[Gareth] Southgate you absolutely m*** you play [Phil] Foden,” one tweet shared from the musician’s account read, in a dig directed at the England manager.

The term used in the tweet derives from the word “mongoloid”, a now-defunct and offensive way of describing people with Down Syndrome.

Another tweet read: “F*** you woke spastics.” Spastic is another well-known ableist pejorative deriving from the now-defunct description of those with cerebral palsy.

“Even that scouse div with the s*** dreds get him on,” he shared in another tweet, seemingly targeting Liverpool full-back Trent Alexander-Arnold.

All the tweets were quickly deleted apart from one, which read, “He’s our Messi”, in apparent reference to the Man City footballer Phil Foden.

However, fans had already voiced their objection to Gallagher’s tweets, and screenshots have continued to circulate in the hours since.

Liam Gallagher tweets (Twitter)
Liam Gallagher tweets (Twitter)

“What's with the self destruct button?” One fan tweeted. “Honestly a bad game of football makes you throw out a bunch of outdated ableist slurs? If it’s woke thinking disabilities aren’t funny then sign me up.”

“Delete this Liam. It’s an ableist comment against disabled people,” another said.

“Delete this. Awful and unnecessary,” one person wrote.

Ableism is not a good look,” wrote another.

Gallagher has yet to respond publicly to the criticisms.The Independent has contacted representatives of Gallagher for comment.