Letters to Sports: LeBron James and Darvin Ham in middle of Lakers mess

LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 20: Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James, right, talks with head coach Darvin Ham.

Is it possible to love the Lakers but wish LeBron would take his tired act elsewhere? It is so tiresome to see LeBron blame someone else for the team’s failure. To be unhappy with every coach the Lakers have had. To run down the court berating referees all game long for either calling a foul on him or not calling a supposed foul against him. And using leverage to get handpicked teammates (Russell Westbrook), who are fine with other teams just not with his.

It’s getting to be a difficult process to pay for his talents for the Lakers to stay successful, particularly when they are not.

Bob Goldstone

Corona del Mar


LeBron, please leave. Take your "it’s all about me" elsewhere. Quit holding Los Angeles hostage to your outsized ego and let us have our Lakers back.

Kip Dellinger

Santa Monica


I understand why Darvin Ham and the coaches were fired by the Lakers. What I can't understand is why general manager Rob Pelinka, who kept Talen Horton-Tucker and let Alex Caruso walk away, and who traded Kyle Kuzma and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope for Russell Westbrook, has not.

Richard Raffalow

Valley Glen


Darvin Ham was never the problem. It was never his team; it was LeBron James’ team. The problem is the owners. Just like the Angels, the Lakers are ham-strung (pun intended) by ownership that has no idea what it’s doing. Arte Moreno and Jeanie Buss need to sell their teams to owners with a demonstrated understanding of what it now takes to win championships. In the Lakers’ case, it no longer has to do with Jerry Buss’ past genius but with his progeny’s current incompetence.

Tom Stapleton



My father introduced me to the Lakers when I was a kid back in 1968-69 and I’ve been catching as many games as possible since then. Fast forward: Granted LeBron is an incredible basketball player and does special things in the community, no question. However throughout the years watching his immature antics and displays when he doesn’t agree with a call is disgusting, embarrassing and is a poor act for a leader. If the Lakers give this guy the maximum contract extension, then I’m not going to care about catching all the games and if the Lakers sign his kid, I’ll be gone until they are gone.

Sorry Dr. Buss, Kobe, Chick and all the true Lakers greats.

Paul D. Ventura

Mission Viejo


It’s the little things that win championships: Making free throws, limiting the opponent’s second-chance points, boxing out, limiting turnovers, hitting wide-open shots, making shots in crunch time. The Nuggets did all of these things. The Lakers did not. Season over.

Dave Ring

Manhattan Beach


OK, so I'm used to getting results a day late, but is there any reason why The Times had three Lakers' stories in Wednesday's paper, but nothing about what happened in their Game 5 loss Monday night?

In a game where neither team led by more than two points in the last nine minutes, there was nothing about two huge offensive rebounds by Denver in the last two minutes, nothing about getting burned by Jamal Murray again?

Seriously, how many times do we need to read that LeBron hasn't decided if he's taking $51 million next season?

Steve Horn


Read the memo

Memo to Clippers owner Steve Ballmer:

1–LeBron wants his coach to be Ty Lue.

2–LeBron loves living in L.A.

3–LeBron’s family wants to live in L.A.

4–LeBron wants to win another NBA championship, something he can’t do with the Lakers.

Solution: The Clippers should sign LeBron and Ty Lue to long-term contracts.

Also, the Clippers should use a second-round draft pick to select Bronny.

LeBron and Leonard and the other Clippers will win an NBA title in 2025.

Harley Frankel

Santa Monica

Extra, extra! Nope

With the Dodgers' record in extra-inning games over the last few years, I make the following recommendation. If the score is tied after nine innings, forfeit the game and move on. The extra rest would be more beneficial than the off chance that they might win.

Mike Schaller

Temple City

Office rebuild

The two Stanley Cup championship teams have disappeared in the rear-view mirror. Kings fans have now suffered through a lengthy rebuild and what we have received is a team that, if it can manage to get itself into the playoffs, will not survive the first round. Being a great player does not transfer to being an effective manager or judge of talent. Luc Robitaille and Rob Blake were great players but, after having ample time, they have not put together a team that is competitive. It’s time for a change. Anyone know what Dean Lombardi is doing these days?

Jeff Davine

West Hills


The Kings playoff failure was surely the third strike for GM Rob Blake and president Luc Robataille. Their trade for Pierre-Luc DuBois was a disaster as he more closely resembled the Invisible Man than the dynamic rising star they hoped he would be. It's time to change the guard and plan a new course for the future.

Mike Gamboa

Buena Park

What the halo?

Every year I write a letter to The Times when the Angels are out of the playoffs. This year it is early. The curse of Rex Hudler lives on! The Angels have not won a playoff game since the Angels canned their popular announcer. Arte, you fired the wrong guy. You should have canned yourself.

Scott Bryant

Pahrump, Nev.


Mike Trout’s season might not be over but his time with the Angels should be. The Angels should trade him to the Phillies, a team that would welcome him and is near where he grew up. They should do so for a bundle of farm prospects.

Wish that they could do the same with Anthony Rendon but no one would want him.

Jack Wishard

Los Angeles


From 2021 through the end of this season, the Angels will have paid Anthony Rendon and Mike Trout a combined $281 million. That’s got to be one of the worst returns on investment in the history of baseball. And Angels fans thought the Josh Hamilton and Albert Pujols deals were bad.

Bob Kargenian

Yorba Linda

Ink stain

New Chargers coach Jim Harbaugh has fulfilled his promise to ink a "15-0" tattoo on his arm if Michigan went all the way last season. I guess, “3 years of probation for recruiting violations” wouldn’t fit.

Steve Ross


Spring has sprung

Just another spring in Southern California (sigh) …

Oilers eliminate the Kings.

Nuggets eliminate the Lakers.

Angels well below .500.

Dodgers clinch the NL West.

Nick Rose

Newport Coast


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