Here’s what Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist had to say about her masked Met Gala look

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Photo credit: Arturo Holmes/MG21 - Getty Images
Photo credit: Arturo Holmes/MG21 - Getty Images

You’ll have no doubt seen Kim Kardashian’s look for the 2021 Met Gala by now. If not, 1) where have you been???? And 2) let me give you a quick rundown.

Each year, the prestigious Met Gala is given a theme and Kim nails it every time. From her 2019 wet look glam and beautiful golden Heavenly Bodies outfit in 2018, to that “blingy-, sexy robot” (her words) look in 2016 and controversial 2013’s floral dress, complete with full gloves.

But alongside the stellar fashion, my favourite part is the way that each look comes an equally major beauty moment. So far, we’ve seen Kim rock trends like dramatic black winged liner, out-of-the-shower hair and even bleached eyebrows.

So, I was pretty hyped to see how she would interpret this year’s theme: In America: A Lexicon of Fashion. And then… Kim stepped out head-to-toe in an all-black look covering every inch of her, complete with face covering.

Ever since she stepped onto the beige carpet at the Met, social media has been flooded with countless memes (pretty genius move by Kim, when you think about it).

Many of the memes poked fun at the pictures of Kim’s long-time makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic prepping her skin and applying makeup, only for her to cover it up with a mask. In fact, the makeup Mario painted is so beautiful – pictures of her look under the mask here, in case you were curious.

Now, Mario has responded to all of the memes and jokes with an Instagram post – and what did he say?

Well, he responded with incredible humour, of course.

Mario posted a series of his favourite memes on Instagram, with the hilarious caption: “It’s the makeup for me, LOL 😩”.

Among the pictures was one that savagely says “if you’re feeling useless today remember someone had to do Kim’s makeup for the Met Gala...” and a picture of Mario crying (taken from an emotional awards speech, don't worry). Swipe through for all the lols:

The post was inundated with comments from other beauty heavyweights, like Hung Vanngo, who wrote: “😂😂” and Chris Appleton, with a simple: “Lmao”.

But the best comment of all came from Kim herself, who wrote: “You killed it boo! Best look ever!!!”

Oh, I love them.

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