Kevin Durant and Chris Broussard are now arguing over whether they text

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<a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/nba/players/4244/" data-ylk="slk:Kevin Durant">Kevin Durant</a> escalated his Twitter feud with Fox Sports' Chris Broussard on Wednesday. (AP Photo/Ben Margot, Archivo)
Kevin Durant escalated his Twitter feud with Fox Sports' Chris Broussard on Wednesday. (AP Photo/Ben Margot, Archivo)

A friendship is fake until you have the other person’s number, right?

So when Fox Sports’ Chris Broussard claimed on Wednesday that he has texted Kevin Durant for hours on end, the Golden State Warriors star hit back with a tweet that had to hurt.

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This comes two days after Durant went after Broussard on Twitter (where else) after Broussard said that KD was living his “worst nightmare” watching the Warriors win in the playoffs without him.

Durant, whose social media activity defending himself has been well-documented, had been relatively quiet on the apps this season. But he has been sidelined on the court since suffering a calf injury in the second round against the Houston Rockets.

Broussard responded to Durant’s denial by claiming that direct messages on Instagram and Twitter are the same as texts, adding: “Don’t act like I’m lying”:

This isn’t the first (or last) time Durant’s been in involved in a media feud. Amidst rumors that he will leave the Warriors in free agency, Durant went after local media in February in a postgame rant. He has not been afraid to respond directly to fans or reporters on social media who are critical of him.

But this beef with Broussard appears to have turned personal. Someone is not being entirely truthful here, though it would be strange for Broussard to be lying about texting Durant.

For the record, Twitter or Instagram direct messages are not on the same personal level as texts. But, considering the amount of people who slide into Durant’s DMs, it is worth something that he chose to chat with Broussard — if that is indeed what happened.

So, they are both correct, and they are both wrong. And none of this really matters, but this is the world we are living in today.

The NBA Finals begin in eight days. Will this feud continue? My money, unfortunately, is on “yes.”

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