Katie Thurston Says She and Greg Grippo Have Had a Private Talk and “Moved On” Since “After the Final Rose”

Few Bachelor/Bachelorette couples have broken down *quite* as spectacularly as Katie Thurston and Greg Grippo. The pair’s onscreen breakup was pure drama (not to mention plenty of B-roll for the “this season on The Bachelorette” preview reel) and even it paled in comparison to their divisive reunion on “After the Final Rose.”

Twitter was pretty torn about how things ended between Katie and Greg. Those on the Team Katie side of the divide praised her for holding Greg accountable for what she, in retrospect, felt was emotional manipulation and gaslighting, while Team Greg proponents feeling like she was way too harsh/should have just focused on how in love she was with fiancé Blake Moynes. No matter how you felt about the interaction, your jaw probably dropped during the not-so-pleasant reunion.

Was Katie and Greg’s “After the Final Rose” chat tense AF? Yes. Are they still hung up on how things ended between them though? According to Katie, that’s a big nope.

Katie revealed on Twitter this week that she and Greg have “moved on” from their drama. When the famously sex positive Bachelorette jumped into a thread comparing her Bachelorette promo shoot with Michelle Young’s, a Twitter user accused her of feeling “hurt” about the differences (Michelle’s promo pics give off romantic fairy-tale vibes, whereas Katie donned a backwards, rubber purple skirt in her shoot in, as she explained, a nod to her vibrator). The comment didn’t go unnoticed and Katie replied, “Nah someone is happily engaged.”

At this point, things took a hard turn away from the initial topic. When a different Twitter user defended Katie, the author of the aforementioned “hurt” comment pointed to how things went down between Katie and Greg as justification for the public criticism.

“Anyone who uses their platform to bully and harass a person who simply was expressing his own, real feelings, [all while] publicly ripping him to shreds, does not represent a trustworthy person, nor a person there ‘for the right reasons,’” they wrote.

Katie, still getting all the notifications on the thread, took this as an opportunity to set the record straight about the current state of things between her and Greg. Apparently, their story had an epilogue we did not get to see on camera.

“Greg and I have spoken privately and moved on,” she wrote. “You should too.”

It’s unclear if things are *good* between Katie and Greg, but it sounds like they’re at least neutral/less bad, which is...something?

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